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Video SFP

The HD SDI Video SFP module series include Dual Receiver/Transmitter, Single Receiver/Transmitter, WDM as well as CWDM Video SFP module data rates from 50Mbps to 2.97Gbps and is specifically designed for robust performance in the presence of SDI pathological patterns for SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 344M, SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 424M serial rates. The 3G Video SFP module are high performance, cost effective modules. They  are compatible with SFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) and SFF-8472 and always fully compliant with SMPTE 297M-2006. Dual fiber Video SFP, Single and Dual transmitter video SFP, WDM, and CWDM video SFP modules all could reach up to 40km with DDM function.

SOPTO Video SFP Main Info

  1. Ring Color: Blue/Black/Yellow/Brown

  2. Material: Metal

  3. Weight: 0.02kg

  4. Packing Quantity: 200pcs, 400pcs, 600pcs (accept sample order)

  5. Data Rate: 3G

  6. Wavelength: CWDM, 1310nm Tx/1550nm Rx, 1550nm Tx/1310nm Rx, 1310nm

  7. Fiber Types: Sinlge Mode (SM), Multimode(MM)

  8. Fiber Connector Type: LC/

  9. Transmission Mode: Simplex/Duplex

  10. Transmission Distance: 2km, 20km, 40km

  11. Laser Type: CWDM FP/DFB laser, PIN photodiode

  12. Operating Case Temperature: Standard: 0~70°C; Industrial: -40~85°C

  13. DDM Function: With or without both available

  14. Compatible Brands: Cisco, Finisar, HP, Alctel-Lucent, Juniper, Noterl…

SOPTO 3G-SDI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI Video SFP Transceiver Model

Part No.Description
3G Video SFP Transceiver
SPT-P13V3-L02D3G Video 1310nm 2km Duplex LC SM SFP Transceiver DDM
SPT-P13V3-L20D3G Video 1310nm 20km Duplex LC SM SFP Transceiver DDM
SPT-P13V3-L40D3G Video 1310nm 40km Duplex LC SM SFP Transceiver DDM
3G BIDI SFP Transceiver
SPT-PB35V3-L40D3G Video BIDI 1310nm/1550nm 40km LC SM SFP Transceiver DDM
SPT-PB53V3-L40D3G Video BIDI 1550nm/1310nm 40km LC SM SFP Transceiver DDM 
SPT-PB35V3-L20D3G Video BIDI 1310nm/1550nm 20km LC SM SFP Transceiver DDM
SPT-PB53V3-L20D3G Video BIDI 1550nm/1310nm 20km LC SM SFP Transceiver DDM
3G Video SFP Transmitter
SPT-P1T13V3-L02D3G Video 1310nm 2km LC SM SFP Transmitter Single Tx DDM
SPT-P1T13V3-L20D3G Video 1310nm 20km LC SM SFP Transmitter Single Tx DDM
SPT-P1T13V3-L40D3G Video 1310nm 40km LC SM SFP Transmitter Single Tx DDM
SPT-P1T15V3-L40D3G Video 1550nm 40km LC SM SFP Transmitter Single Tx DDM
SPT-P2T13V3-L02D3G Video 1310nm 2km LC SM SFP Transmitter Dual Tx DDM
SPT-P2T13V3-L20D3G Video 1310nm 20km LC SM SFP Transmitter Dual Tx DDM
SPT-P2T15V3-L40D3G Video 1550nm 40km LC SM SFPTransmitter Dual Tx DDM
3G Video CWDM SFP Transmitter
SPT-PC1TXXV3-L40D3G Video CWDM 40km LC SM SFP Transmitter Single Tx DDM
SPT-PC2TXXV3-L40D3G Video CWDM 40km LC SM SFP Transmitter Dual Tx DDM
3G Video SFP Receiver
SPT-P2RV3-XX3G Video SFP Receiver Dual Rx
SPT-P2RV3-XXD3G Video SFP Receiver Dual Rx DDM
SPT-P1RV3-LXX3G Video SFP Receiver LC Single Rx
SPT-P1RV3-LXXD3G Video SFP Receiver LC Single Rx DDM

Other Info of SOPTO Video SFP Transceiver

  1. Operating Humidity: 0%~90% RH no condensing

  2. Storage Humidity: 5%~90% RH no condensing

  3. Saturated Optical Power: -3dBm

  4. Average Output Power: -6~ -2dBm

  5. Receiver Sensitivity: <-25dBm

  6. Supply Current: <450mA

  7. Power Supply: +3.3V single power supply

  8. Power Consumption: <2W

  9. Extinction Ratio: 6~15dB

  10. Storage Temperature: -40~85°C

  11. Number of Times of Hot-Pluggable:>200

Performance Feature:

  1. SMPTE 297-2006 compatible

  2. Robust error free transmission of signals from 50Mbps to 3Gbps with up to 30km single-mode fiber

  3. Maximum distance of 10km under worst-case conditions and 3Gbps video pathological signals

  4. Supports video pathological patterns for SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI;

  5. SFP Package; Hot-pluggable

  6. Metal enclosure for lower EMI

  7. +3.3V single power supply

  8. Laser disable pin

  9. Digital diagnostics and control via I²C interface, including

  10. Monitoring laser bias current, average output power, receive optical power, supply voltage and temperature

  11. Alarm reporting when transceiver is at fault

  12. Module ID polling

  13. Compliant ROHS and lead free


  • Video Fields

  • SMPTE 297-2006 compatible optical-to-electrical interfaces

  • HDTV/SDTV Service Interfaces.


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i want you to send a spec and price to us, i am interested module which is able to convert HD-SDI to Optic and complying SMPTE 297M