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Fiber Optical Attenuator

chanpin-10-1-1.jpgSopto’s fiber attenuator series include: plug-type fixed value attenuator (Female to Male), Variable Attenuator, Bulkhead-Fixed Value Attenuator (Adaptor), Handheld Variable Attenuator etc.; SC, FC, LC, ST, MU, D4, DIN, MTRJ connector types and PC/UPC/APC interfaces are available; The attenuation ranges are from 1dB up to 30dB.


Sometimes in the fiber optic network, people may need to reduce or balance the power of the light transmitted from one device to another device, fiber optic attenuators are used in such cases, they are able to control the output of the fiber light power level. Fiber optic attenuators are used for reducing the power of the light in the fiber optic network. we supply two types fiber optic attenuators, fixed value fiber optic attenuator refer to the attenuator that can reduce the power of fiber light at a fixed value loss, for example, 2dB.


While adjustable fiber optic attenuator refer to the attenuator that can generate a adjustable Loss to the fiber optic link. Sopto’s fiber attenuator series include: SC, FC, LC, ST, MU,SC/APC, FC/APC, single mode fiber optic attenuator and multimode fiber optic attenuator available. Sopto’s fiber optic attenuators are manufactured according to international standard and are compatible with the fiber optic products currently available in the international market.


Fiber optic attenuators can be designed to use with various kinds of fiber optic connectors such as  fixed value attenuators, variable attenuators, bulkhead-fixed value attenuators, handheld variable attenuators etc. the attenuators can be female to female which is called bulkhead fiber optic attenuator or male to female which is also called a plug fiber optic attenuator. Bulkhead and plug types are designed without cables; another type inline fiber optic attenuator is designed with a piece of fiber optic cable. Wide range variable & inline fiber optic attenuators .the inline fiber optic attenuators are with more accurate attenuation compared with traditional connector type fiber optic attenuators. What is more, this fiber optic attenuator is with a precision screw set, by turning it, the attenuation range can be varied. and this fiber optical attenuator can be with various terminations on the each side of the cable.


2012924143034734.jpgVariable AttenuatorOperation wavelength:1310/1550
Attenuation value:3,5,7,10,15,20DB
Max Optical Input power: 200mW
Max PDL:0.2DB
Return loss: UPC>55dB,APC>60dB
images (6).jpgBulkhead AttenuatorSuitable for 850nm or 1310 or 1550nm
PC, UPC and APC available
Wide attenuation range
Precision ceramic ferrule
FC(Square), SC(Flange), ST(Thread)
Plastic or metal housing material
images (9).jpgHandheld AttenuatorWavelength Range: 1260~1650nm
Applicable Fiber: 9/125um SM
Connector: FC/PC
Calibration Wavelength: 1310/1490/1550/1625nm
Attenuation Range: 2.5~60dB
Resolution: 0.05dB
Min Insertion Loss:<2.5dB
Repeatability: ± 0.2 dB
images (7).jpgPlug-type AttenuatorLow back reflection and Low PDL
PC, UPC and APC available
Wide attenuation range
Precision ceramic ferrule
FC, SC, ST, LC…. Optional
Plastic or metal housing material
images (8).jpgInline AttenuatorsFC/APC inline variable attenuator 1-60DB


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im using a vga cable to play my xbox and the cable doesnt have an fiber optic port. i also dont have hdmi. is there any way for me to use the fiber optic cable?