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GPON SFP Transceiver GEPON Transceiver 1X9 Transceiver
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Product Impression:

  1. Manufacturer: SOPTO
  2. Latest Price: Contact Our VIP Sales Now!
  3. Color: Sliver
  4. Material: Metal
  5. Weight: 0.02kg
  6. Packing Quantity: 200pcs, 400pcs, 600pcs
  7. Package Type: WDM SFP
  8. Data Rate: 155M/622M/1.25G/2.5G/4G
  9. Wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm, 1310nm/1490nm, 1490nm/1550nm
  10. Fiber Types: 50/62.5µm MMF, 9 /125µm SMF
  11. Fiber Connector Type: BIDI/SC/LC
  12. Transmission Mode: Simplex
  13. Transmission Distance: 3km, 20km, 40km, 80km, 120km
  14. Laser Type: Long-wavelength DFB Laser diode
  15. Extinction Ratio: 8.2~12dB
  16. Storage Temperature: -40~85°C
  17. Operating Case Temperature: Standard: 0~70°C; Industrial: -40~85°C
  18. Operating Humidity: 0%~90% RH no condensing
  19. Storage Humidity: 5%~90% RH no condensing
  20. Saturated Optical Power: -3dBm
  21. Average Output Power: -5~ 0dBm
  22. Receiver Sensitivity: <-19dBm
  23. Supply Current: 351~386mA
  24. Power Supply: +3.3V single power supply
  25. Power Consumption: <3W
  26. DDM Function: With or without both available
  27. Number of Times of Hot-Pluggable: >200
  28. Compatible Brands: Cisco, Finisar, HP, Alctel-Lucent, Juniper, Noterl…
  29. Application: 1.25Gbps Ethernet Switches and Routers, Fibre Channel, 100Base Fast Ethernet…
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Performance Feature:

  1. SFP Multi-Source Agreement compliant
  2. Class 1 laser safety standard IEC 825 compliant
  3. Low power dissipation
  4. Support hot-pluggable Metal with lower EMI
  5. Excellent ESD protection
  6. XFP MSA compliant
  7. RoHS Compliant and Lead-Free
  8. Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae
  9. ITU-T G.959, G.691 compliant
  10. GR-253-CORE compliant
  11. SFP MSA package BIDI SC/ LC
  12. +3.3V single power supply


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Quality Certification:

  1. Good Anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  2. Good Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) which is in accordance with FCC Part15.
  3. Meets ISO9001, TUV, CE, FCC, CAS, UL and RoHS certificates



  1. Advanced dust-free workshop
  2. Experienced technicians
  3. Mature production technology
  4. Standard production process


Information you want to know more:

  1. Reachable Continents: Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa, the Americas
  2. Arrival Date: 1 to 7 days
  3. Selectable Logistics: FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS or EMS
  4. Payment Methods: T/T, Western Union, Paypal as well as Cash Payment
  5. Warranty: 1-3 years
  6. Discounts, Promotions and Gifts: Please just contact our online customer services or pay attention to our website.

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Description of BIDI SFP Transceiver


Bi-directional (BIDI) Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver module series is specifically designed for the high performance integrated duplex data link over a single optical fiber. These transceiver modules are compliant with the SFP Multisource Agreement (MSA).

With the hot pluggability, these modules offer an easy way to be installed into SFP MSA compliant ports at any time without the interruption of the host equipments operating online.BIDI SFP transceiver module series using a long wavelength DFB laser diode and enable data transmission up to 80km on a single-mode (9/125μm) optical fiber.


Structure feature of BIDI SFP Transceiver


The transmit and receive functions are contained in a SFP 20 pin package with a Duplex LC or SC connector interface. The transmitter incorporates a highly reliable 1310 nm or 1550 nm Laser (FP laser for narrow, Intermediate distance and DFB laser for long distance) and a driver circuit which converts data to light with APC function.

The output power can be disabled via the single TX_Disable pin. Logic LVTTL HIGH level disables the transmitter. The receiver incorporates an efficient InGaAs/InP PIN or APD photodiode receiver converting the light signal into an electrical current which is amplified and regenerated into data.


Application Fields of BIDI SFP Transceiver

  1. FTTH, FTTX, ATM/SONET, SDH, Ethernet, Fiber Channel
  2. High speed I/O bus extension, systems interconnects
  3. Data Communication for SAN and LAN
  4. Routers and switches, computer cluster cross-connect
  5. Industrial control links and media converters
Part No.Description
SPT-PB5303-20D155m 1550/1310nm 20km BIDI WDM SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB3503-20D155M 1310/1550nm 20km WDM BIDI SFP Transceiver
SPT-PB3403-20(D)155M 1310/1490nm 20km WDM BIDI SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB4303-20(D)155M 1490/1310nm 20km WDM BIDI SFP Fiber Optic Transceiver Module
SPT-PB3403-40(D)155M 1310/1490nm 40km WDM SFP Fiber Optic Transceiver
SPT-PB3503-40(D)155M 1310/1550nm 40km BIDI SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB4303-40D155M 1490/1310nm 40km WDM BIDI SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB5303-40(D)155M 1550/1310nm 40km BIDI WDM SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB5403-80(D)155M 1550/1490nm 80km WDM SFP Fiber Optic Transceiver Module
SPT-PB4503-80(D)155M 1490/1550nm 80km BIDI WDM SFP Fiber Transceiver Module
SPT-PB4503-L120D155M 1490/1550nm BIDI WDM SFP Transceiver
SPT-PB5403-L120D155M 1550/1490nm 120km BIDI WDM SFP Optical Moduel
SPT-PB531G-03D1.25G 1550/1310nm 3km DDM BIDI SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB351G-03D1.25G 1310/1550nm 3km WDM BIDI SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB341G-20D1.25G 1310/1490nm 20km BIDI WDM SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB351G-20D1.25G 1310/1550nm 20km WDM DDM BIDI SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB431G-20D1.25G 1490/1310nm 20km WDM BIDI SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB531G-20D1.25G 1550/1310nm 20km WDM BIDI SFP Optical Tranceiver Module
SPT-PB351G-40(D)1.25G 1310/1550nm 40km BIDI WDM SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB341G-40D1.25G 1310/1490nm 40km WDM BIDI SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB431G-40D1.25G 1490/1310nm 40km WDM BIDI SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB531G-40D1.25G 1550/1310nm 40km WDM BIDI SFP Fiber Optic Tranceiver Module
SPT-PB451G-80D1.25Gbps BIDI SFP Transceiver
SPT-PB541G-80D1.25G 1550/1490nm 80km WDM BIDI Fiber Optic Transceiver Module
SPT-PB3548-20D2.488/2.5G 1310/1550nm WDM BIDI SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB3548-S20D2.488/2.5G 1310/1550nm 20km WDM BIDI SFP Transceiver Module
SPT-PB5348-L20D2.488/2.5G 1550/1310nm 20km BIDI WDM SFP Fiber Optic Tranceiver Module
SPT-PB5348-S20D2.488/2.5G/OC48 1550/1310nm 20km DDM WDM SFP Transceivr Module
SPT-PB4548-L40D2.488/2.5G 1490/1550nm 40km WDM DDM SFP Fiber Optic Tranceiver Module
SPT-PB4548-L80D2.488/2.5G 1490/1550nm 80km WDM SFP Optic Transceiver Module
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