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fiber optic transceiver and FTTHFiber Optic Transceiver Modules can be applied to these occasions or fields.

  • Ethernet

  • IPTV

  • FTTX

  • Security

  • Video Monitor


  • Data Communication

  • Storage Area Networks


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How to buy fiber optic transceiver modules for your switches

A fiber-optic transceiver is a accessory acclimated to forward and accept optical information. There are a amount of altered apparatus on one of these devices, including a ablaze antecedent and an electrical component. The transceiver has two ends, one that an optical cable plugs into and accession for abutting an electrical device.
There are so many online shop that sell optical transceiver for your networking program or your business needs. But which one is the best supplier for your SFP devices.
How to choose the best one?
A common sense is that :Some merchants help consumers save, and lure shoppers, by selling their old merchandise as soon as new products arrive. Regardless of whether you purchase the items new, used or at a discount, optical transceiver devices will cost a business a few hundred dollars just to buy them, making them an expensive purchase for anyone. 
And then
Always try to order items from fiber optic transceiver manufacturers that offer viable alternatives to the OEM, as doing so will help you save a lot of money. If you want to save even more on these modules, you could look for companies that offer steep discounts on their aging product lines, but that means buying something with older features. 
While ordering two or three-year old products is a wonderful way to save a large amount of cash, it does entail a huge disadvantage when getting Cisco SFP transceiver because of the outdated features you may no longer need. It’s good to buy refurbished devices or from a third-party vendor rather than the manufacturer itself to avoid paying higher prices for modules.
Decisively to buy:
Most folks tend to wait until the SFP transceiver breaks down before they start looking for a replacement, and long after the product no longer can deal with the stress is not a good time to start shopping. 
Although this idea seems great, ordering a module when it breaks may not be the best thing for you, mainly because you may wind up paying more for a module than if you had bought it sooner. Instead, you want to wait till the device is showing signs of wear and tear to order because then you’ll have lots of time to search through different company catalogs for specials and save a few bucks in the process. 
Say you need to purchase a new Cisco GLC-T module before your old one breaks; you might not have the luxury of shopping around for a new item and may have to get the product at whatever price vendors sell it at. If you decide to wait till the last minute, you could end up buying a module at a greater cost and from a company with a less than respectable lineup of transceivers.
SOPTO is the Professional fiber optic transceiver supplier,including sfp,sfp+,gbic,xenpark,xfp,x2 ,dwdm,cwdm optical transceiver for sale.
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