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Fiber Optis can be used in so many fields:


  • Data Storage Equipment

  • Interconnects,Networking

  • Gigabit Ethernet


  • Aerospace & Avionics

  • Data Transfer Tests

  • Network Equipment

  • Broadcast Automotive

  • Electronics,Sensing

  • Oil & Gas, Imaging

  • Outside Plant,Central Office

  • Harsh Environment

  • Data Transmission

  • Illumination,Institutions

  • Ship to Shore,Education

  • Simulation,Military,Space

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • Semiconductor Equipment

  • Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

  • Premise Networks Carrier Networks

  • Independent Telecommunication Providers


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  • How to Strip and Clean Fiber-Optic Cable?

    To strip and clean outdoor FO cable, you have to start with the outer jacket. Step 1: Mark the armor (if the cable has armor) with the tip of your knife to note a length sufficient to expose the cable's ripcord, being careful not to go through the armor

  • Halogen Free Cable Advantages

    Halogen free cables are engineered and designed so that emissions during a fire offer low toxicity and low smoke…Click here for more, please.

  • Don't Ignore the Hazards Associated with Fiber Optics

    Understanding the safety hazards that go with fiber optic cable is critical for those who install or maintain fiber optic systems…

  • Cameras Video through Fiber Transmission

    Single Fixed CCTV Camera to Video Monitor Transmission over Optical Cable. For more, see here please.

  • BiDirectional Testing of Fiber Optic Cabling

    Bi-directional testing of fiber optic cable is important to insure the quality of a fiber network. The main reason for this is due to the fact that no two glass fibers are exactly same…

  • Inspection of Fiber Ends and Joints

    Someone must want to know the inspection of fiber ends and joints. Here we show you the info.

  • How to Choose fiber optic Cables?

    Choosing a fiber optic cable for any given application requires considering two issues, installation requirements and environmental or long-term requirements. Installation requirements include where and how the cable will be installed, such as pulled in c

  • How Fiber Transmission Works?

    How Fiber Transmission Works? Light rays are modulated into digital pulses with a laser or LED and move along the core without penetrating the cladding… For more, please click here.

  • Fiber Optic Ribbon Cable With Riser Jacket

    Ribbon cable is preferred where high fiber counts and small diameter cables are needed. This cable offers the highest packing density, since all the fibers are laid out in rows, typically of 12 fibers, and the ribbons are laid on top of each other.

  • Fiber Optic Intelligent Traffic Systems

    Traffic control has been an issue since humans put the first wheels on the first cart. How fiber optics helps this problem? Look here for more please.

  • Fiber Optic Cleaning Procedures

    The basics of cleaning are simple. Use a pure grade of isopropyl alcohol on a clean cotton swab to wipe off the endface and ferrule…

  • Benefit of Fiber Optic Installation

    Below are some reasons why you need to consider installing a fibre optic cable.

  • Attenuation of Fiber Optic

    The primary specification of optical fiber is the attenuation. Attenuation means a loss of optical power…

  • 6 Steps to Selecting a Fiber Optic Cable

    This page intro 6 steps for us to select a fiber optic cable. If you are planning to purchase fiber optic cables, please see it.

  • Fiber Optic Cabling VS Cat 6 Cabling

    Fiber Optic Cabling and Cat 6 Cabling, which is best for your company? Click here for the answer.

  • Deployable Fiber Optic Systems for Harsh Mining Environments

    Given the increasing bandwidth requirements and concerns about EMI, fiber optic cable is quickly replacing the more traditional choice, copper. Designed to survive the rigors of a mining environment…

  • Anatomy of a Optical Fiber Cable

    The ability of fiber optic cable to meet the evolving needs of government AV/IT end users is a good reason for integrators to know a little more about it. Here’s a look at the anatomy of a fiber optic cable…

  • 8 Steps Guide to Lighting Counters with Fiber Optics

    There are two primary approaches to lighting counters with fiber-optics. One is to place the cables through the finished surface so that at the end of the polishing process you can easily see the points of light at the end of the exposed cables…

  • Signals and Protocols in Fiber Optic Data Links

    A fiber optic data link is a communications subsystem that connects inputs and outputs (I/O) from electronic subsystems and transmits those signals over optical fiber…

  • Quick Fiber Termination Tools

    Fiber cable termination is the addition of connectors to each optical fiber in a cable. The fibers need to have connectors fitted before they attach to other devices.

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