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Fiber Optis can be used in so many fields:


  • Data Storage Equipment

  • Interconnects,Networking

  • Gigabit Ethernet


  • Aerospace & Avionics

  • Data Transfer Tests

  • Network Equipment

  • Broadcast Automotive

  • Electronics,Sensing

  • Oil & Gas, Imaging

  • Outside Plant,Central Office

  • Harsh Environment

  • Data Transmission

  • Illumination,Institutions

  • Ship to Shore,Education

  • Simulation,Military,Space

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • Semiconductor Equipment

  • Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

  • Premise Networks Carrier Networks

  • Independent Telecommunication Providers


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  • How to Install Fiber Optic Internet?

    How to install fiber optic internet? Here are a few tips.

  • What is Optical Fiber and Its Origin

    Alexander Graham Bell, the American inventor best known for developing the telephone, first attempted to communicate using light around 1880…

  • What is Inside of a Fiber Optic Cable

    Fiber optic cable is unlike most types of cables; it draws on light instead of electricity to transmit signals.

  • Find Hidden Cables with Cable Wire Locators

    Locating buried and hidden lines prior to construction or maintenance projects is critical to ensure the safety of your crew and reducing the potentially costly mistake. Then, how to do? Click here for more info please.

  • Fiber Optic Installation Standard

    When installing optical cable, what you don't know could really hurt you or damage your cable. Familiarizing yourself with Standard 301 is a smart step to avoid such problems.

  • Analog or Digital Fiber Optic Data Link

    Fiber optic data links can be either analog or digital in nature, although most are digital. Both have some common critical parameters and some major differences…

  • Introduction to Fiber Optics Temperature Measurement

    The group of sensors is known as fiber optic thermometers generally refer to those devices measuring higher temperatures wherein blackbody radiation physics are utilized…

  • Setting Up For Your Fiber-Optic Cable

    Many experienced cable installers claim that more than 50% of premature fiber-optic cable failure is caused by improper cable pulling. Here are some important guidelines and techniques for overhead, indoor, and underground installations.

  • Light Up Your Countertops with Fiber Optics

    When you’re hosting your next party, wouldn’t it be cool if you could light up your countertop?

  • Understanding the Installation of Fiber Optics

    Are you installing Fiber Optics above the ceiling or outdoors or will it be in an office or factory floor? How you mount these fibers will be determined by the where you are installing. No matter the answer, please click her for a look.

  • Fiber Optics Technology to Make Communications Systems Faster

    Fiber Optic technology uses pulses of light through an optical fiber to transmit information from one place to another. This type of technology has been around since the 1970’s being introduced by Corning Glass among others…

  • How to Clean Fiber Ends?

    In most cases when a fiber is used, it is essential to prepare clean ends. There is tips for you to clean fiber ends.

  • How Does Fiber Optic Couplers Work

    Fiber optic couplers either split optical signals into multiple paths or combine multiple signals on one path.

  • Fiber Optical Cable Installation

    How to install your fiber optic cables? Here is an answers.

  • Optical Fiber Cable General Cabling Guidelines

    In whatever space your optical-fiber cable is being installed, there are some basic guidelines that must be followed. Support the cable and avoid crushing, stressing and over bending it. Every cable will have values for minimum bend radius and maximum ten

  • What is a Fiber Optic Patch Panel?

    A fiber-optic patch panel is used to separate out the fibers within a fiber-optic cable. By using one of these panels, the fibers can be spliced to individual fibers on other cables, allowing the cables to be crossed and connected in a variety of ways. In

  • How to Strip and Clean Fiber-Optic Cable?

    To strip and clean outdoor FO cable, you have to start with the outer jacket. Step 1: Mark the armor (if the cable has armor) with the tip of your knife to note a length sufficient to expose the cable's ripcord, being careful not to go through the armor

  • Halogen Free Cable Advantages

    Halogen free cables are engineered and designed so that emissions during a fire offer low toxicity and low smoke…Click here for more, please.

  • Don't Ignore the Hazards Associated with Fiber Optics

    Understanding the safety hazards that go with fiber optic cable is critical for those who install or maintain fiber optic systems…

  • Cameras Video through Fiber Transmission

    Single Fixed CCTV Camera to Video Monitor Transmission over Optical Cable. For more, see here please.

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