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Fiber Optis can be used in so many fields:


  • Data Storage Equipment

  • Interconnects,Networking

  • Gigabit Ethernet


  • Aerospace & Avionics

  • Data Transfer Tests

  • Network Equipment

  • Broadcast Automotive

  • Electronics,Sensing

  • Oil & Gas, Imaging

  • Outside Plant,Central Office

  • Harsh Environment

  • Data Transmission

  • Illumination,Institutions

  • Ship to Shore,Education

  • Simulation,Military,Space

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • Semiconductor Equipment

  • Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

  • Premise Networks Carrier Networks

  • Independent Telecommunication Providers


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Fiber Optical Cable Installation



For many consumers and businesses the benefits of fiber optic cables outweigh their high costs. Because fiber-optic cables transfer data in the form of light instead of electricity, they are unaffected by radio frequency signals and electrical interference, unlike Ethernet cables.


Now, please read on for information on how to install your fiber-optic cables.


  1. For home networks setups, lay out all the components of your network and place them in their rooms of use. Place hubs and switches near the primary computer on the network. Connect the fiber-optic cable to your computer on one end and the satellite or wall outlet -- for integrated fiber in the loop, or IFITL connections.


  1. Plug the fiber-optic cable into a media converter if your computer or hub does not have a fiber-optic outlet. The media converter switches the data from light back into electricity. Run a USB or Ethernet cable from the media converter to the computer.


Bow-Type Indoor Cable

Bow-Type Indoor Cable


  1. Run fiber-optic cables from the hub or wireless router and connect any additional workstation via the cable. Use the media converter for any workstation that does not have a fiber-optic input.


  1. Leave a fair amount of slack in the cables when running them from device to device. Couple cables together with ties instead of tape. Power on the each component in the network and install any necessary software.


Tips & Warnings

Cover any part of the cable that will be exposed in the living areas of the house. Test network components as you install them to eliminate blind troubleshooting down the line.


Sopto supplies a wide range of high quality fiber optics, like outdoor optical cables, indoor optical cables and so on. For more info, please browse our website. For purchasing more fiber optic assembly products, please contact a Sopto representative by calling 86-755-36946668, or by sending an email to