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Indoor Optical Cable

Product Impression:


  1. Manufacturer: SOPTO

  2. Cable Type: GJXFCH or others

  3. Cable Specification: 3.0×2.0

  4. Cores Number: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 cores fiber.

  5. Central Strength Member: KFRP.

  6. Fiber Module Mode: SM or MM.

  7. Fiber Color: Nature, White, Black, Purple…

  8. Fiber Type: Self-Supporting Drop Optical Cable GJXFH

  9. Sheath Color: Black

  10. Sheath Material: LSZH/PVC/OFNR/OFNP/Plenum

  11. Cable Dimension: 3.0 x 2.0mm

  12. Cable Weight: 10.0Kg/km

  13. Min. Bending Radius: 10mm (Static) 25mm (Dynamic)

  14. Attenuation: 0.4dB/km at 1310nm, 0.3dB/km at 1550nm

  15. Short Term Tensile: 200N

  16. Crush Resistance: 2200 N/100mm

  17. Operation Temperature: -20~+60°C

Performance Feature:

  1. Good mechanical and environmental characteristics

  2. Flame retardant characteristics meet the requirements of relevant standards

  3. The mechanical characteristics of jacket meet the requirements of relevant standards

  4. Soft, flexible, easy to lay and splice, and with big capacity data transmission

  5. Meet various requirements of market and clients

  6. Tight buffer fiber is produced as that fiber is sheathed by buffer material, which is the selection of top-quality fiber.

  7. The specific production equipment and accurately designed die make the performance of product

  8. Good uniformity of the outer diameter of tight buffer fiber and excellent strip ability

  9. Good performance of flame-retardant and low induced attenuation within the operating temperature ranges

  10. PVC, LSZH, Plenum, PU or Hytrel outer sheath and diameter of tight buffer: 900um, 650um or 600um

Note: Part in order to prevail in kind. Please contact customer service before buying.


Extra Important Product's Information

  1. Fiber Type: G652, G655 or G657 single-mode fiber, A1a or A1b multi-mode fiber, or other types of fiber;

  2. Jacket Material: Environmental flame retardant polyvinylchloride (PVC), environmental low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyolefin (LSZH), environmental halogen flame retardant polyolefin (ZRPO), or other contracted material;

  3. Jacket Color: (Including color of fiber) meets the requirements of relevant standards, or other contracted color;

  4. Cable Dimension: The nominal cable dimension or other contracted dimension;

  5. Delivery Length: 1km or 2km, or other contracted length;

  6. Other Requirements: Other contracted special requests.


Indoor Optical Cable Description

With the fast development of fiber optic communication technology and the trend of FTTX, indoor fiber optic cables are more and more required to be installed between and inside buildings. Typical indoor fiber optic cable types include GJFJV, GJFJZY, GJFJBV, GJFJBZY, GJFDBV and GJFDBZY. Compared with outdoor use fiber cable, indoor fiber optic cable experience less temperature and mechanical stress, but they have to be fire retardant, emit a low level of smoke in case of burning. And indoor fiber cables allow a small bend radius to make them be amendable to vertical installation and handle easily.

Most indoor fiber optic cables are tight buffer design, usually they consist of the following components inside the cable, the FRP which is non-metallic strengthen member, the tight buffer optical fiber, the Kevlar which is used to further strength the cable structure, making it resist high tension, and the cable outer jacket. The trend is to use LSZH or other RoHS compliant PVC materials to make the cable jacket; this will help protect the environment and the health of the end users. Usually the single mode indoor fiber optic cables are installed between the buildings where the distance is more than 100 meters, while multimode indoor fiber optic cables are used shorter distance connections. We supply SMF and MMF indoor fiber cables with various structures for different applications.


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