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Fiber Patch Cords have a widely application. Where the need for the optical fiber connection, where you need fiber optic patch cords.

  • Testing Equipment


  • Optical Fiber CATV

  • Optical Communication System

  • Telecommunication

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Performance Feature

  • Good Water-proof

  • Low insertion loss;

  • low reflection loss;

  • Stability, good repeatability;

  • High-precision ceramic ferrule;

  • Compatible with NTT standard;

  • Precision Grinding and fully testing;

  • Compliance with international standards

Patch Cord Knowledge


OM3 patch cord and handheld variable attentuator


LC patch cord and patch panel

Notes of using Fiber Optic Patch Cords


There are some notes we should notice when we use the fiber optic patch cords. Follow these tips will improve our network efficiency.


SOPTO Patch Cord Application


  1. Before use the fiber patch cord, we should use the alcohol and absorbent cotton to clean the optical fiber ferrule and its’ end face.
  2. If the connector is dirty, we should clean it by using the alcohol and absorbent cotton, or it will affect the communication quality.
  3. The fiber optical modules at two ends of the fiber patch cord must support the same wavelength, in order to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.
  4. Don’t excessively bend and circle the fiber, which will leads to an increased decay in the transmission process of the light. The bend radius must be less than 30mm.
  5. After using fiber patch cord, we must use protective sleeve to protect fiber optic connector because dust and oil will damage the fiber coupling.
  6. Protect the ferrule and the end face of the ferrule to prevent damage and pollution.
  7. Install the dust cap immediately after the ferrule is removed.
  8. Don’t look at the optical fiber end face directly when the laser signal is being transmitted.
  9. Replace the fiber patch cords timely when there are human factors or other irresistible factors to damage the fiber patch cords.
  10. We should read the instructions carefully before installation.


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