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Multiplexers can be used to connect PBX, Hot line and other devices of network from central site to user site through fiber optical cable.Multiplexer Application

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  • How Does Fiber Optic Modem Work?

    Fiber optic modems receive incoming optical signals over fiber optic cables and convert them back to their original electronic form for full duplex transmission…

  • What are Available Types of Fiber Optic Modems?

    Fiber optic modems are the ideal when working with large amounts of data. Fiber optics allows data to be transferred quickly and efficiently. There are common types of fiber optic modem introduction. Click here to see if interested.

  • What is Fiber Optic Modem Used for?

    Fiber optic modems are often used in data communication systems to bridge long distances at high data rates…

  • How do I Choose a Best Fiber Modem?

    Choosing the best fiber-optic modem depends on a few factors, including availability, usability and cost. A modem connects an electronic device such as a computer to a network or the Internet…

  • How to Install a Fiber Optic Modem?

    High-speed Internet has become somewhat of a necessity these days. For the Internet aficionado the ability to utilize the web at lightning fast speeds is of utmost importance.

  • How to Activate Cable Modems?

    Activation is the process of associating a specific modem with a valid cable Internet account to enable it to access the network. Two common activation methods are the self-install kit and manual activation…

  • CWDM Technical Overview

    CWDM is definitely an optical technology for transmitting as much as 16 channels, each in a separate wavelength or color, within the same fiber strand…

  • DWDM Technical Overview

    DWDM is core technology in an optical transport network. The concepts of DWDM are similar to those for CWDM. However, DWDM spaces the wavelengths more tightly, yielding up to 160 channels…

  • Outlook of the WDM Networks

    In a WDM network the commonly used frequency grid is either 50 or 100 GHz, which will have a major effect on which from the above-described approaches can be applied…

  • What is Digital TV Frequency?

    The difference between analog TV frequency and digital TV frequency is that the digital signals are compressed into “multiplexes”…

  • What is Concept of Multiplexing in Telephone System?

    Multiplexing is a form of data transmission in which one communication channel carries several transmissions at the same time…

  • Why is Multiplexing Needed in Data Communication Systems?

    The range of frequencies is limited, but the number of devices using the system fluctuates. One way to separate the different data streams is each one have its’ own frequency…

  • How to Reset a High-Speed Internet Modem with a Wireless Router?

    When service is interrupted, you must reset the modem and the wireless router to re-establish the connection. Following is the step…

  • How Can I Test My High Speed Modem?

    Before you invest in new hardware or software, it is important to get an idea of your current connection speed. The good news is that testing your connection is very easy and does not require any specialized equipment…

  • How to Set Up a Wireless Modem?

    Have you always wanted to set up a wireless network? Read on - in this article, you will learn how to set up a wireless modem…

  • How to Connect a LAN to a Cable Modem?

    Connecting a LAN to a cable modem allows every computer on the LAN to share the Internet connection supplied by the cable modem. Now, let’s complete this project step by step.

  • Reasons for Multiplexing

    Why we need multiplexing? What is the advantage of multiplexing in the network? Find out the answer from this page now.

  • How to Use a Mux to Implement a Logic Equation?

    A logic equation is an alphabetical representation of different combinations of inputs and outputs in a digital circuit…

  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing for Wireless

    Transmitting reliable, error-free communication over a wireless network can be a challenge. Collision, signal propagation, signal fading and interference are only a few obstacles…

  • What Is Multiplexing and Demultiplexing?

    This page show you the knowledge about multiplexing and demunltiplexing.

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