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  • Connections among Fiber Terminal Boxes & Patch Cables & Pigtails

    Generally in the network cabling, outdoors (connection between buildings) use fiber optic cables, while indoors (inside buildings) use Ethernet twisted pair cables…

  • Frame Installation and Acceptance Testing

    After feeder and distribution cable construction is complete, the system is ready for frame installation. The first frame is the fiber distribution hub (FDH), typically housed in an outside cabinet that also contains splitters.

  • Optics Path Attenuation Ranges for EPON or GEPON Applications

    Different PON specifications are used for calculating optimal distance without attenuation between optical transmitter and optical receiver at distances from 10 km to 20 km.

  • PON Cost Advantages

    If cost is a primary consideration for a new FTTH network project, PON should be carefully considered.

  • Specified Launched Power and Receive Sensitivity of GPON and P2P

    What is the power of the emitted beam (source power) and the receiver sensitivity in FTTH? See here for the answer.

  • Transport Layer Topology for FTTH Networks

    Transport layer topology decision should be based on the guiding Principles, as well as all other decisions. All the possible options should be analyzed and considered as a solution…

  • What is Optical Distribution Network?

    Optical Distribution Network (ODN) is an indispensable path for transmitting Passive Optical Network (PON) data and directly affects the performance, reliability, and scalability of a PON system.

  • Why Choose GPON as your FTTH Solution?

    Why Choose GPON as your FTTH Solution? After you know the advantages of GPON, you will know the answer.

  • Why Develop Next Generation PON Technology?

    EPON and GPON are unable to meet the future needs of the development of broadband services, the existing PON port bandwidth. So, we need next generation PON technology.

  • 10G PON Technical Analysis

    This page mainly intro 10G EPON and 10G GPON. If you are interested, please click here.

  • Easy to Install a Fiber Terminal Box

    A fiber terminal box is comprised of a panel having a front surface and a rear surface; a front cover for covering the front surface of the panel; and a case adapted to be embedded in a wall…

  • FTTH Outside Plant Standards Lag Reality

    One of the continuing ironies of FTTH interconnect cable products is that while a great deal of effort has been expended to develop optical components that perform well under harsh conditions…

  • Point-to-Point Ethernet FTTH Overview

    A point-to-point FTTH network architecture provides a direct connection to a single household. In that sense, it is similar to copper-based DSL networks however it is fully based on fiber. For more, see here please.

  • The Promising Cat6 Patch Panel

    A patch panel is a panel designed for the management of cable connections, used as the central point in a network where all the network cables terminate…

  • What does Fiber Channel Storage Area Network Mean?

    A fiber channel storage area network (FC SAN) is a system that enables multiple servers to access network storage devices.

  • Why PON for the Last Mile Access?

    “Last mile” is a term used for describing connection between the individual subscriber and service provider routing center. Why PON for the Last Mile Access? Click here to see the answer.

  • 48 Ports Outdoor Wall Mountable box Features

    Wall mount fiber enclosures are ideal for LAN applications, requiring a fully enclosed and lockable wall mount enclosure. Cabinets are one or two door with direct termination and splice solutions available.

  • Features of OTDR

    An optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is an optoelectronic instrument used to characterize an optical fiber. An OTDR is the optical equivalent of an electronic time domain reflectometer…

  • What is the Charm of Fiber to the Home

    FTTH (fiber to the home, also known as Fiber to the Premises) is an optical fiber communication transmission method. Directly to the optical fiber connected to the user's home (user required).

  • Network Design Variations for FTTH and FTTB GEPON Applications

    This is an example of the FTTP network layout. Central splitter is having four eight-fiber cables coming out and going to local distribution boxes…

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