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Specified Launched Power and Receive Sensitivity of GPON and P2P networks Overview


In the case of fiber to the home (FTTH), gigabit passive optical networks (GPON) or point-to-point (P2P), what is the power of the emitted beam (source power)? Also, what is the sensitivity of the receiving device -- e.g., optical network terminal (ONT) or switch?


The ITU-T Recommendation G.984.2 Amendment 1 (February 2006) specifies the generic optical power levels for a 2.4Gbps downstream/1.2Gbps upstream GPON system. For the optical line terminal (OLT), the mean launched power must be between +1.5dBm and +5dBm and the receive sensitivity must be between -28dBm and -8dBm. For the ONT, the mean launched power must be between +0.5dBm and +5dBm and the receive sensitivity must be between -27dBm and -8dBm. Actual vendor implementations may vary, so check their specifications.

Optical Distribution Frame

Optical Distribution Frame


For active Ethernet point-to-point networks, transmit power and receive sensitivity are functions of the optics used by the particular switching equipment. Cisco's 1000BASE-BX10-D/U Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) Gigabit Interface Converters, for example, have a mean launched power between -9dBm and -3dBm and a receive sensitivity between -19.5dBm and -3dBm.


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