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OLT Devices

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1U EPON OLT, 2PON slots, 2 GE uplink optic ports, 2 GE uplink electric ports. 220V (110V) AC power supply without SFP modules.


1U GPON OLT , 4PON ports, 4 GE uplink optic ports, 4 GE uplink electric ports, 220VAC or -48VDC plug-in power modules, supports dual AC 220V power configuration, without SFP modules


1U GPON OLT , 8PON ports, 8 GE uplink optic ports(SFP), 8 GE uplink electric ports, 220VAC or -48VDC plug-in power modules, supports dual power configuration, without SFP modules


Outdoor EPON OLT , 4PON ports, 4 GE uplink optic ports(SFP), 220VAC plug-in power modules, supports dual power configuration, without SFP modules



1U GPON OLT, 8PON ports, 8 GE uplink optic portsSFP), 8 GE uplink electric ports. 220VAC or -48VDC plug-in power modules, supports dual power configuration, without SFP modules, optional 10Gbit uplink port


Pluggable Power Supply for SP-1508GS OLT


2*10Gb uplink interface, can be installed in the SP-1508GS frame with out SFP modules

  1. Manufacturer: SOPTO

  2. Latest Price:  Contact online customer service NOW!

  3. PON Card Slot Num: 4

  4. Main Card Slot Num:

  5. Power Module Num: 2

  6. Fan Slot Num:

  7. Dust Screen Num: 1

  8. Height: 2U 

  9. Width: 19 in 

  10. Depth: 41.9cm   

  11. Weight: 18kg 

  12. Hot- Plug: Support  

  13. Working Temperature: 0~50°C

  14. Browse the Evaluation: Click here to browse


Performance Feature:

  1. Combines with the advance industrial design

  2. Supports 18 GEPON PON ports

  3. Supports 1x16 PLC splitter

  4. Products 8 GE optical/electrical uplink interface

  5. High reliability

  6. Flexible, easy maintain


Note: Part in order to prevail in kind. Please contact customer service before buying.


Quality Certification:

  1. Good Anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI)

  2. Good Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) which is in accordance with FCC Part15.

  3. Meets ISO9001, TUV, CE, FCC, CAS, UL and RoHS certificates



  1. Advanced dust-free workshop

  2. Experienced technicians

  3. Mature production technology

  4. Standard production process


Information you want to know more:

  1. Reachable Continents: Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa, the Americas

  2. Arrival Date: 5 to 7 days

  3. Selectable Logistics: FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS or EMS

  4. Payment Methods: L/C, T/T, Western Union, HSBC, Paypal as well as Cash Payment

  5. Warranty: 1-3 years

  6. Discounts, Promotions and Gifts: Please just contact our online customer services or pay attention to our website.


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SOPTO OLT Chassis Device Introduction


SPT-OLT-2000C is system terminal platform; it is combining with the advanced industrial design, manufacturing technology by mini designing. Which is high reliability, flexible, easy maintain. It can support 8 GEPON PON ports and connect 512 remote ONU mostly (by 1:64 splitter), and provides 8 GE optical/electrical uplink interfaces. SPT-OLT-2000C can be apply to FTTB/FTTP/FTTH access solutions.

ONU and OLT Devices Application Diagram:

*Carrier FTTB+LAN Solution

*Carrier Key Account Access Solution

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