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Easy to Install a Fiber Terminal Box



A fiber terminal box is comprised of a panel having a front surface and a rear surface; a front cover for covering the front surface of the panel; and a case adapted to be embedded in a wall. An adapter and a fiber splicing member are mounted on the front surface of the panel, and the panel is adapted to be accommodated in the case and hence be embedded in the wall along with the case.


The panel is provided with an optical cable inserting hole through which a lead-in end of an optical cable is led from the rear surface of the panel to the front surface of the panel and is connected to one end of the fiber splicing member. The panel is further provided with a fiber pigtail hole, one end of a fiber pigtail is connected to the terminal of the adapter, the other end of the fiber pigtail is led from the rear surface of the panel to the front surface of the panel through the fiber pigtail hole and is connected to the other end of the fiber splicing member.


Fiber Closure

Fiber Closure


As the fiber terminal box of the present invention can be embedded in the wall along with the case, the fiber terminal box can be easily mounted and can be in harmony with other panels in house. In addition, since fiber devices, such as the adapter and the fiber splicing member, are all mounted on the front surface of the panel, the operation and management of the fibers become easier than in the prior art.


FTTH Fiber optic termination box generally refer to the box shape fiber optic management products used to protect and distribute the optical fiber links in FTTH Network. Usually the fiber optic box includes the fiber optical patch panels and fiber optic terminal box. Fiber optic patch panel is bigger size, fiber optic termination box is smaller. Actually there are too many fiber optic boxes and fiber management devices, they are hard to count the types, many manufacturers will make the fiber optic boxes according to their own design and they may give the fiber optic boxes different names and model numbers.


Bigger size fiber optic boxes, the fibre optical patch panels, are usually 19 inch size. These fibre optic boxes can be wall mounted type or rack mounted type, and they have the tray inside the fiber box to hold and protect the fiber links. The fiber optic boxes panels can be pre-installed with various kinds of fiber optic adapters, these adapters are the interface via which the fiber box will connect the external devices.


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