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PCIE Server NIC card Application

  • PCI-E NIC Cards provide redundant connectivity to ensure an uninterrupted network connection.

  • PCI-E NIC Cards are ideal for VM environments with multiple operating systems, requiring shared or dedicated NICs.

  • They are specially designed for desktop PC clients, servers, and workstations with few PCI Express slots available.


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  • How to Install a PCI Card

    Learning how to install a pci card is easy and once you have done this, it is like riding a bike, it will just come naturally. Here are the steps to install a pci card into a desktop computer.

  • PCI Express History and revisions

    While in early development, PCIe was initially referred to as HSI (for High Speed Interconnect), and underwent a name change to 3GIO (for 3rd Generation I/O) before finally settling on its PCI-SIG name PCI Express.

  • How to Remove PCI Cards

    When you want to upgrade your computer, one way to go about it is to replace some of component cards that are inserted into your motherboard. These PCI, PCIe and AGP cards normally control video, sound or network connections for the computer, and when the

  • Structure of PCI Express Bus

    Conceptually, the PCIe bus is like a high-speed serial replacement of the older PCI/PCI-X bus, an interconnect bus using shared address/data lines.

  • Applications of PCI Express

    PCI Express operates in consumer, server, and industrial applications, as a motherboard-level interconnect (to link motherboard-mounted peripherals), a passive backplane interconnect and as an expansion card interface for add-in boards.

  • The future of the PCIe interconnect bus

    It is hard to believe there was once a time when there was not PCI Express or any of its Peripheral Component Interconnect progenitors.

  • What is PCI

    PCI is an abbreviation for Peripheral Component Interconnect, which is a term used to describe a common connection interface for attaching computer peripherals to a PC's motherboard, or main circuit board.

  • How to Install a PCI Express NIC Card

    Installing a PCI-E card is much like installing other cards, but it has its own slot and often requires an additional power connection.

  • Frontside Bus, Backside Bus and PCI Cards

    The frontside bus is a physical connection that actually connects the processor to most of the other components in the computer, including main memory (RAM), hard drives and the PCI slots. These days, the frontside bus usually operates at 400-MHz, with ne

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