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Fiber Patch Cords have a widely application. Where the need for the optical fiber connection, where you need fiber optic patch cords.

  • Testing Equipment


  • Optical Fiber CATV

  • Optical Communication System

  • Telecommunication

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Performance Feature

  • Good Water-proof

  • Low insertion loss;

  • low reflection loss;

  • Stability, good repeatability;

  • High-precision ceramic ferrule;

  • Compatible with NTT standard;

  • Precision Grinding and fully testing;

  • Compliance with international standards

Patch Cord Knowledge


OM3 patch cord and handheld variable attentuator


LC patch cord and patch panel

Major Differences between PLC Splitters and FBT Coupler


In this article, we will discount this problem from the technology and their disadvantages and advantages of PCL Splitters and FBT Couplers.


Technology behind FBT Coupler and PLC splitter


FBT coupler: Fused Biconical Taper, this is traditional technology to weld several fibers together from side of the fiber.


PLC splitter: Planar Lightwave Circuit is a micro-optical components product, the use of lithography, the semiconductor substrate in the medium or the formation of optical waveguide, to achieve branch distribution function.


DWDM Mux and Demux

DWDM Mux and Demux


Disadvantages and advantages between FBT and PLC


For the Split Ration, generally, PLC Splitter is 1x64 splits, while FBT coupler is 1x4 splits. For the Eveness, PLC Splitter can split light evenly while FBT Coupler’s eveness is not very precise. And, PCL Splitter is compact size; FBT Coupler is bigger than PLC Splitter for multi-splits.


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