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fiber optic transceiver and FTTHFiber Optic Transceiver Modules can be applied to these occasions or fields.

  • Ethernet

  • IPTV

  • FTTX

  • Security

  • Video Monitor


  • Data Communication

  • Storage Area Networks


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Performance Feature


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High speed



Wide appliaction field

DDM function available

Long transmission distance

Good Anti-static performance

Module Knowledge


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Three Points to Know the SFP Module


There are a number of optical modules and small form pluggable networking accessories to choose from in the market. Most commonly the optical modules to work both transmit and receive electronic optical signals. These transceiver module form factors are created under the Multi -Source Agreement. Industry professionals say that the modules are performed under this Agreement strictly. 

1.25G 1310nm 20km SFP Optical Transceiver

1.25G 1310nm 20km SFP Optical Transceiver


All optical transceivers are placed on sections of modules by their baud rates. Each plug-in module support speeds of 1Gbps to 10Gbps. Each type of support will help you decide what accessories network that works best for you. Now, do some detailed Sopto SFP module, and make sure it is right for you.


The principle of optical module SFP


SFP Transceiver Modules - hot-plug module, the highest rate of up to 10G LC interfaces, multiple uses. SFP (Small Form Pluggable) can be simply understood as the upgrade version GBIC. Module volume ratio reduced by half GBIC module, the same panel can be set to more than double the ports. Other features of the SFP module are basically the same as GBIC. Items such as Cisco SFP (mini -GBIC Cisco) tend to be smaller and are only about half the size of the optical GBIC. These modules speed range from 100Mbps to 4Gbps. Its length transmission begins approximately 500 meters and up to 120 km.


The composition of SFP optical module


Laser (includes transmitter TOSA with ROSSA receptor) and the IC card and external accessories are components. External housing, base, PCBA, pull rings, brooches, unlock, composition rubber stopper. For ease of identification, usually the type of module parameters identification ring shot color.


The path of SFP classification


Divided by rate: there are 155M/622M/1.25G/2.125G/4.25G/8G/10G. And 155M 1.25G SFP modules are used more; 10G technology is maturing, and demand is increasing rapidly.


Divided according to wavelength : 850nm/1310nm/1550nm/1490nm/1530nm/1610nm , the wavelength is 850 nm multimode SFP , and the transmission distance is 2km down .1310/1550nm is single mode SFP , and the distance transmission is longer than 2 km. Price 850nm/1310nm/1550nm relatively cheaper than the other three.


The bare module is easy to confuse if they have brand manufacturers make color pull ring to distinguish generally eg black ring is multi- shot mode , the wavelength is 850 nm , blue is module 1310 is yellow the 1550nm module ; purple is the 1490nm module and so on.


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