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Twinax Cable Application Twinax Cables are mainly used with PCI or PCI-E Card for the short distance interconnection in the server room.

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FTTH Drop Cable and 7m XFP AOC

High Speed Cable Production Machining Notes



High-speed cable is different from other wires in structure. So, the machining production is also different. We need careful treatment, or it will be damaged. Follow below tips to protect your high-speed cable.


1.    Since the conductors are single, the bending is worse than stranded conductors; and it will not easy to be recovered after bending. Therefore, during the production machining, we should try to avoid the insulated wire being torsion and bending, affecting the performance.


2.    The insulated wire is foam structure whose mechanical property is worse than the solid insulated wire. When the insulated wire is squeezed or stretched, it will be deformation and its’ foam structure will be destroyed. Therefore, during the production machining, we should try to avoid the squeezing and stretching.


cable production warning


3.    The wire pair is the parallel structure without twist pitch so that the bending performance is poor. So, during the production machining, we should try to avoid winding to damage the structure.


4.    In order to obtain good electrical performance, in the process, the bending radius of wire should be as large as possible. Suggestions for 20times of OD or above.


5.    Minimize the immersion tin and welding time of such foam insulation wire. Reduce insulation retraction and melt.



Benefits of operating high-speed cable properly


  1. Extend the service life of the cables
  2. Reduce the occurrence of network failure
  3. Improve network performance
  4. Reduce maintenance and replacement cost


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