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Mini SAS Cable


Mini SAS is the next generation of the SAS standard. With its low profile connector and easy lock mechanism it save space and reduces costs with lower power usage. 


Mini SAS Cable


Mini-SAS cables support differential pair signaling with low-skew pairs and foil construction for maximum EMI/RFI rejection.  Guaranteed performance at 3.0 Gigabits per second and 6.0 Gigabits per second.


This 4x Mini SAS cable features universal keyed SFF-8088 push to release connectors. Our Mini SAS cables are built with your storage systems and servers needs in mind. This is why we offer a full range of standard and hard-to-find Mini SAS cables and Mini SAS Adapters for both External Mini SAS and Internal Mini SAS applications.




  1. Protocols Supported: InfiniBand, Ethernet, Fiber Channel
  2. Channel Data Rate: 6G
  3. Length: 0.5m/1m/2m/3m/4m/5m.... 
  4. Type: Copper Passive
  5. AWG: 24/28/30
  6. Storage Temperature: -20 to + 85ºC
  7. Operating Temperature: 
    Standard: 0~+70ºC;
  8. Supply Voltage: 3.3V
  9. Supply current: 230mA per end typical


Performance Feature:

  1. Low power consumption
  2. Compliant MiniSAS MSA
  3. RoHS Compliant
  4. Excellent EMI performance
  5. High reliability


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