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Gigabit Dual SFP Slots PCI-E 1.0 Server Adapter Card


Manufacturer: SOPTO Gigabit Dual SFP Slots PCI-E 1.0 Server Adapter Card
Support Bandwidth: 10M/100M/1000M
Bus Type: PCI Express 1.0a
Bus Width: x4 lane PCI Express
Working Slot: Operable in x4, x8 and x16 slots
Network Interface:2 SFP Slots
Connector Type: LC Fiber Optic Connector
Suitable for SFP DAC Cables



SOPTO PRO Gigabit Ethernet PF Dual Port Adapter design is based on Intel original controller chip, PCI Express bus ,SFP slots and LC cable fiber connectivity, to achieve professional gigabit Ethernet network connectivity. they can added multi-port fiber connectivity ,multi-port SFP transceivers connectivity in a single PCI-E bus within one server adapter ,to enhance network performance and also saving valuable PCI Express (PCIe *) server slots.


In Gigabit Ethernet connection of optical network, PCIe equip the dedicated input / output (I / 0) Bandwidth can guarantee superior performance, and do not take up bus bandwidth. In addition, SOPTO PRO/1000 dual port server adapter design, can demonstrate excellent performance among multi-processor system. When used in conjunction with the receiver extension of Microsoft or Linux * scalable I / O devices, SOPTO PRO/1000 dual port server adapter can be  balance effectively among the network load of multiple CPU cores, so to improve the performance of multiprocessor systems. 


SOPTO PRO/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Dual Port adapter apply two gigabit Ethernet, with excellent noise immunity, and also support long-distance fiber connectivity. Based on Intel original gigabit controller ,for easy installation and management, all SOPTO PRO Gigabit Network Connections are supported by Intel PRO Intelligent Install and the new Intel PROSet for Microsoft* Device Manager. PROSet Utility simplifies adapter installation and gives you point-and-click power to configure and manage all your PRO Gigabit Network Connections in order to meet your connectivity needs… [Details]


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