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Gigabit Dual SFP Slots PCI-E 2.0 Server Adapter Card


Manufacturer: SOPTO Gigabit Dual SFP Slots PCI-E 2.0 Server Adapter Card
Support Bandwidth: 10M/100M/1000M
Bus Type: PCI Express 2.0(2.5GT/s)
Bus Width: x4 lane PCI Express
Working Slot: Operable in x4, x8 and x16 slots
Network Interface:2 SFP Slots
Connector Type: LC Fiber Optic Connector
Suitable for SFP DAC Cables



The SOPTO Gigabit EF Dual-Port Server Adapters are SOPTO’s fourth generation of PCIe GbE network adapters. Built with the Intel 82576EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller, PCI Express bus interface , SFP slots and LC cable fiber connectivity, they can added multi-port fiber connectivity, multi-port SFP transceivers connectivity in a single PCI-E bus within one server adapter ,to enhance network performance and also saving valuable PCI Express (PCIe *) server slots.


These new adapters showcase the next evolution in GbE networking features for the enterprise network and data center. These features include support for multi-core processors and optimization for server visualization's… [Details]



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