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OM3 Fiber Patch Cord


Manufacturer: SOPTO
Type: OM3
Data Rete: 10Gigabit
Connector Type: LC/SC/..
End Face:  UPC/PC/APC
Skin Material: PVC/LSZH/OFNR...



OM3 means laser-optimized 50/125um multi-mode fiber and are used for systems with high bandwidth .OM3 patch cable systems are the pinnacle of multimode fiber design. To utilise the new 10Gbs Ethernet protocols in an optical fiber system requires OM3 50/125 multimode fiber.


The OM3 patch cord allows for new VCSEL based hardware and old legacy LED based hardware to co-exist over your system. For the hard pressed IT manager an OM3 solution will give a simple migration path through 1Gbs to 10Gbs.


Features for OM3 Patch cord

  1. OM3 50/125 fiber optic glass
  2. fully compliant with international industry standard
  3. every piece patch cord is tested during prodution
  4. Support 10 Gigabit data transmitting rates
  5. Connectors are with UPC polish


Applications OM3 Patch cable

OM3 cable are used in:

  1. FTTH
  2. LANS
  3. WANS
  4. CATV
  5. Medical application
  6. Data processing networks
  7. Dental Guide and Military Application


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