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100/140um Fiber Patch Cable

Manufacturer: SOPTO 100/140 patch cable
Type:  100/140um Fiber Patch Cord
Data Rete: 10Gigabit
Connector Type: LC/SC/MTRJ...
End Face:  UPC/PC/APC
Skin Material: PVC/LSZH/OFNR...


The 100/140um Fiber Patch Cable also belongs to a type of patch fiber. Due to cladding diameter is too large, so it is mainly used in the special power transmission, also the multimode fibers have a 250 µm acrylate buffer coating, and keep a normal working state in the -65°C to +135°C temperature range, Ingellen offers the simplex or duplex 100/140 patch cables terminal with all kinds of connectors like LC,SC,FC,ST,MU,MTRJ,E2000 etc.


Feature of 100/140um Fiber Patch Cord

  • 100% optically tested
  • Core Size: 100/140um
  • PC, UPC, and APC polish types
  • Large bandwidth and Low attenuation
  • High return loss and low insertion loss
  • Factory terminated for superior performance
  • Good interchangeability and duplication
  • Custom fiber optic cable lengths and jacket colors
  • Insertion loss testing performed on every assembly
  • 0.9 / 2.0 / 3.0 / mm outer diameter fiber optic cables
  • Available in simplex or duplex with a wide variety of connectors
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards for Return Loss and Reflectance
  • SC, FC, LC, ST, MU, E2000 and MTRJ Connectors are available 


Applications of 100/140um Fiber Patch Cord

  • Used in harsher environments
  • Specified network application
  • Other special occasion
  • Military