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Media Converter Cards

SOPTO Fiber Media Converter Card Model

Part No.Description
SPM-CT43-N02SCMedia converter card, 10/100M, MM, dual fiber 2KM, SC
SPM-CT43-N20SCMedia converter card, 10/100M, SM,dual fiber 20KM, SC
SPM-CT43-N40SCMedia converter card, 10/100M, SM, dual fiber 40KM, SC
SPM-CT435-N20SCMedia converter card, BIDI 10/100M, SM, 20KM, SC, 1310T/1550R
SPM-CT453-N20SCMedia converter card , BIDI 10/100M, SM, 20KM, SC, 1550T/1310R
SPM-CT435-N40SCMedia converter card BIDI , 10/100M, SM, 40KM, SC, 1310T/1550R
SPM-CT453-N40SCMedia converter card BIDI ,10/100M, SM, 40KM, SC, 1550T/1310R
SPM-CMT43-N02SAManageable Media converter card, 10/100M, MM, 2KM, SC
SPM-CMT43-N20SAManageable Media converter card, 10/100M, SM, 20KM, SC
SPM-CMT43-N40SAManageable Media converter card, 10/100M, SM, 40KM, SC
SPM-CMT45-N60SAManageable Media converter card, 10/100M, SM, 60KM, SC
SPM-CMT45-N80SAManageable Media converter card, 10/100M, SM, 80KM, SC
SPM-CMT45-N100SAManageable Media converter card, 10/100M, SM,100KM, SC
SPM-CMT435-N20SAManageable Media converter card,BIDI10/100M, SM, 20KM, SC, 1310T/1550R
SPM-CMT453-N20SAManageable Media converter card, BIDI 10/100M, SM, 20KM, SC, 1550T/1310R
SPM-CMT435-N40SAManageable Media converter card, BIDI 10/100M, SM, 40KM, SC, 1310T/1550R
SPM-CMT453-N40SAManageable Media converter card,BIDI10/100M, SM, 40KM, SC, 1550T/1310R
SPM-CMT435-N60SAManageable Media converter card, BIDI10/100M, SM, 60KM, SC, 1310T/1550R
SPM-CMT453-N60SAManageable Media converter card, BIDI 10/100M, SM, 60KM, SC, 1550T/1310R
SPM-CMT23-N10SAManageable Media converter card, 10/100/1000M, SM, 10KM, SC
SPM-CMT23-N20SAManageable Media converter card, 10/100/1000M, SM, 20KM, SC
SPM-CMT23-N40SAManageable Media converter card, 10/100/1000M, SM, 40KM, SC
SPM-CMT235-N10SAManageable Media converter card, 10/100/1000M, SM,1310/1550nm 10KM, SC
SPM-CMT253-N10SAManageable Media converter card, 10/100/1000M, SM,1550/1310nm 10KM, SC

Product Impression:

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  1. Data Rate: 10/100M, 10/100M/1000M

  2. Wavelength: 1310nmT/1550nmR or 1550nmT/1310nmR

  3. Fiber Connector type: (BIBI) SC

  4. Transmission Mode: Half duplex or full duplex auto

  5. Transmission Distance: 2km/10km/20km/40km/60km/80km/100km

  6. Fiber Type: Single mode, Multi mode

  7. Interface Type: RJ45

  8. Storage Temperature: 10 ~ 70℃

  9. Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 60℃

  10. Operating Humidity: 10%~90% RH no condensing

  11. Storage Humidity: 5%~90% RH no condensing.

  12. Weight: 200 g

  13. Working Environment: 16 Slot media converter chassis

  14. Power Supply: Internal or external are both available, external power supply is the main, Manageable or unmanageable available.

  15. Power Consumption: ≤5W

Performance Feature:
  1. Fully complies with IEEE802.3 10Base-T, IEEE802.3u 100Base-TX/FX standard

  2. Have SNMP management function when SNMP stand-alone is used in the SNMP media chassis.

  3. Single-mode, multi-mode, WDM Bi-direction types are available.

  4. Auto-detection of half/full duplex transfer mode for TX port

  5. Auto-negotiation of 10/100Mbs rate and Auto-MDI/MDIX for TX port

  6. Provide switch configuration of half/full duplex transfer mode for FX port

What is media converter card?

Media converter card is fast Ethernet media converter. It can be inserted into rack-mount chassis or inserted into standalone shell. It is primarily designed for large, higher speed/ bandwidth demanding workgroups that require expansion of the Ethernet network.Our series of fiber media converter card (module) is mainly used for our 16 Slot media converter chassis.


What is main function of media converter card?

Media converter card can extend the conventional 10M Ethernet or 100/1000M fast Ethernet to 2km-80km via the fast Ethernet fiber optical line.


What is the application field of media converter card?

Media converter card can be applied to the field of broadband WAN established by data network operators as Telecast, Netcom, Unicom, or industrial broadband industrial personalized network of government, finance, oil, police, force, railway, power, transportation, education, etc.

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