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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver

Fiber Module application




Fiber optic transceivers are designed for LAN, SAN and data centers
The fiber optical module is composed of an optoelectronic device, a functional circuit and optical interface. The optoelectronic device includes the emission part and the receiving part.
For the function of the fiber optic transceiver module, simply speaking, the function of the fiber optic transceiver module is to convert the optical signals and electric signals.
With the development of the technology, the new fiber optic transceiver module appears one by one. For example, we offer high quality SFP modules, X2 transceivers, XENPAK transceivers, 10G XFP modules and 10G SFP modules.
These fiber optic transceivers are widely used in local area network (LAN), storage area network (SAN), data centers and others.
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