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Twinax Cable Application Twinax Cables are mainly used with PCI or PCI-E Card for the short distance interconnection in the server room.

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FTTH Drop Cable and 7m XFP AOC

SFP+ Copper Cable Assemblies Compatibility


SOPTO SFP+ 10 Gb/s Direct Attach Passive and Active Cable Assemblies are MSA, SFF- 8431, SFF - 8432 and SFF - 8472 compliant, which means they are compatible with all active equipment with MSA compliant ports. 


Unfortunately, Panduit SFP+ Direct Attach Copper (DAC) cable assemblies may not be compatible with equipment built with non- MSA compliant or non up- to - date ports. 


Additionally, some equipment vendors may utilize a lock- out mechanism by requiring vendor specific information on the EEPROM located on the SFP+ DAC cable assembly connector. 


This was originally implemented to ensure authorized optical transceivers were used with a particular vendor’s equipment, and now some equipment vendors have implemented similar requirements for SFP+ DAC cable assemblies as well. 


Since DAC cables are often used between two different vendors equipment, most vendors have removed EEPROM lock- out from their equipment.  However, a few vendors maintain this lock- out feature.  The goal of this technical reference is to provide guidance for understanding the compatibility of SOPTO SFP+ DAC Cable Assemblies.




Compatibility Guide


While most equipment vendors currently are open to third party SFP+ DAC cables, the below table provides awareness of different known compatibility issues with SOPTO DAC cable assemblies. 


The table below will be updated any time prior compatibility issues are resolved or new compatibility issues are discovered.  It should be noted that while most servers are open, compatibility issues can occur with a few CNA server cards (noted below).  Additionally, some FCoE ports require active copper cables.





Switches from: Arista, IBM (Blade Networks), Dell,

Extreme, Juniper, Voltaire

Open to all 3rd party cables

Servers and adapter cards from: HP, IBM, Dell, Intel,

Qlogic, Emulex. 

Open to all 3rd  party cables


Nexus 5000/2000 switches 

Open to 3rd party cables.  Note: Panduit is the only 3rd

party vendor to have SFP+ DAC Cisco certified cable assemblies on the Nexus

5000 and 2000 platforms.



Nexus switches 

All Cisco Nexus products are open to 3rd party SFP+ cables.  Ensure that the latest OS is installed.


Catalyst Series Switches 

The standard configuration is   closed to 3rd party cables.  Starting from the 12.2(25)SE release, the user has the option via CLI to turn on the support  for 3rd party SFPs.


Procurve switches

Not open to 3rd party cables.  Requires a HP code in the SFP+ DAC cable assembly EEPROM.


8000 FCoE Switch

Not open to 3rd party cables.  Uses proprietary SFP+ ports that requires a proprietary Brocade active cable.


VDX6730 and Iron series


3rd party cables require a custom EEPROM code to work. Panduit can provide a Brocade VDX6730 specific cable.


1010/1020 CNA

These FCoE server cards only work with active SFP+ DAC cable assemblies.


QLE -8xxx-SR CNA 

These FCoE server cards only work with active SFP+ DAC cable assemblies.


VNX Series Unified Storage


Will only work with active SFP+  DAC cable assemblies.


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