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Twinax Cable Application Twinax Cables are mainly used with PCI or PCI-E Card for the short distance interconnection in the server room.

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Twinax Cable Knowledge




FTTH Drop Cable and 7m XFP AOC

Advantages of SFP+ Cable Assemblies


The SFP+ cable assembly’s printed circuit paddle card has been designed to not only address the stringent mechanical inter -face requirements but also the higher-bandwidth signal integrity requirements for 10Gb/s per channel transmission.


It has also been  designed  to  accommodate  industry  defined  EEPROM  cable  signature  requirements  needs  as  well  as  address  requirements for both passive and active equalized cable assembly applications. The cable assembly also includes robust diecast covers and an EMI girdle to assure proper EMI shielding effectiveness and termination. Cable assembly removal is enabled via a user friendly pull tab.


SFP+ cable assembly


In addition, SOPTO manufactures these cable assemblies using highly controlled and stable cable assembly manufacturing processes that minimizes wire management and termination variations that can impact the performance of the cable assembly. Robust final test and quality systems assure high quality cable assemblies conforming to the high-speed electrical performance requirements in industry specifications.






  • Shells: Diecast zinc – Copper under plate with a nickel over plate 
  • PCB: FR-4 laminate with gold plated contact pads
  • Raw cable: 2 individually shielded parallel pair cables with fully braided EMI shield with low smoke, zero halogen or PVC jacketing
  • EMI girdle: Stainless steel
  • Pull tab: Thermoplastic polymer 
  • Release plate: Stainless steel
  • Drive screws: Stainless steel




  • Differential Impedance: 100Ω +/- 10Ω @ 70ps rise time ( 20-80%)
  • Within Pair skew: < 10 ps / meter
  • Pair-to-pair skew: < 50 ps / meter
  • Withstanding voltage: 300V DC
  • Current rating: 0.5 amps maximum per contact



  • Durability: 100 cycles
  • Mating force: 18N maximum
  • Latch Strength; axial load: 180N minimum
  • Cable axial strain relief: 90N minimum
  • Cable flex: 180° flex: 15 cycles per EIA 364-41



  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 85°C
  • RoHs compliant
  • Thermal shock: EIA 364-32, condition1,
  • 25 cycles, -55°C to 85°C
  • Temperature life: EIA 364-17, Method A, Condition 2,
  • Time Condition C, 500 hours, 70°C
  •  Mixed Flowing gas – EIA 364-65, Class IIA –



  • SFF-8074i: SFP Small Form-Factor Pluggable Transceiver rev 1.0
  • SFF-8431: Specification for Enhanced SFF Pluggable mod. SFP+
  • SFF-8432: Improved Pluggable Form Factor
  • SFF-8461: SFP+ Active Cable Specification & Alternate Test Methods
  • IEEE 802.3: Gigabit-Ethernet standard


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