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PCIE Server NIC card Application

  • PCI-E NIC Cards provide redundant connectivity to ensure an uninterrupted network connection.

  • PCI-E NIC Cards are ideal for VM environments with multiple operating systems, requiring shared or dedicated NICs.

  • They are specially designed for desktop PC clients, servers, and workstations with few PCI Express slots available.


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What is a PCI Card Slot?

PCI stands for "Peripheral Component Interconnect." The PCI slot is a receptacle for a PCI expansion card. The slot receives the card and firmly holds it in place; information from the PCI expansion card and the computer's motherboard is exchanged through the slot.

The PCI is a "local bus," developed by Intel Corporation in the 1990s. This bus serves as the communication route between a computer and a peripheral device, such as a modem or sound card.

Ethernet Dual Port

Ethernet Dual Port

PCI slots may handle 32 or 64 bits of data, depending on the motherboard qualifications. A 64-bit PCI slot is faster than a 32-bit. Obviously, the drive for faster and more efficient technology has caused the 32-bit to become outdated in a relatively brief period of time.

As technology advances, a variety of PCI cards and slots have developed. Some examples of various PCI technologies are: PCI-X and versions within PCI-X, PCI Express, x4 PCI Express, and x8 PCI Express.

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