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PCIE Server NIC card Application

  • PCI-E NIC Cards provide redundant connectivity to ensure an uninterrupted network connection.

  • PCI-E NIC Cards are ideal for VM environments with multiple operating systems, requiring shared or dedicated NICs.

  • They are specially designed for desktop PC clients, servers, and workstations with few PCI Express slots available.


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Dual 10G SFP+ Slot Ethernet Server Adapter Card Introduction 


Sopto Dual SFP+ Slot 10G Ethernet Server Adapter Card -Apply Dual-port 10 Gigabit Fiber SFP+ server connections, These Server Adapters Provide Ultimate Flexibility and Scalability in Virtual and Unified Storage Environments Products Advantages: 


  • Build on PCI Express * 2.0 Technology and Intel original 10 gigabit controller technology deliver the performance that demanding applications require.
  • 2 high-performance 10 gigabit SFP+ transceivers connections for slot-constrained servers which be optional and replaceable. 
  • Optimized for virtualized environments 
  • Energy-efficient design with integrated 
  • High-volume stable architecture with broad 
  • Industry-leading product innovations for I/O virtualization
  • Unified networking support simplifies the network infrastructure 
  • Deploy multiple network and deploy the ideal solution of critical Web applications and the environment in high-performance servers 
Gigabit Dual RJ45 Slots PCI-E 2.0 Server Adapter Card
Gigabit Dual RJ45 Slots PCI-E 2.0 Server Adapter Card

Reliable connectivity you can count on 10GEthernet PCI Express Server Adapter Card is designed for server and high-end equipment, deploy multiple network and deploy the ideal solution of critical Web applications and the environment in high performance servers.


This 10G Ethernet Card can easily integrate any PCI Express X8 into 10 Gigabit network. And optimized for performance, the system's I/O is no longer the bottleneck of high-end network applications. This server 10G Ethernet Card is based on Intel 82599ES Ethernet controller, with two fully integrated 10Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Control (MAC) and XAUI ports. In addition to managing Ethernet MAC and PHY layer functions, this controller manage PCI-E packet traffic through its transaction, link, physical and logical layer. 


The controller can share tasks for the host through hardware acceleration, such as TCP / UDP / IP checksum calculation and TCP segmentation. This new server 10G Ethernet Card are the most flexible and scalable Ethernet adapters for today's demanding data center environments. Data center networks are being pushed to their limits. 


The escalating deployments of servers with multi-core processors and demanding applications such as High Performance Computing (HPC), database clusters, and video-on-demand are driving the need for 10 Gigabit connections. 


Customers require flexible and scalable I/O solutions to meet the rigorous requirements of running mission-critical applications in virtualized and unified storage environments.  Powered by the third-generation 10 GbE network controller, the Intel Ethernet 82599ES 10 Gigabit Ethernet card Controller, the 10G Ethernet Card family addresses the demanding needs of the next-generation data center by providing unmatched features for virtualization, flexibility for LAN and SAN networking, and proven, reliable performance.  


Using Environment: 


  • Servers 
  • Industrial machines
  • Security equipment
  • Traffic control 
  • Computer room
  • Network expansion and so on 


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