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Patch Cord E2000 Connector 


Manufacturer: SOPTO Patch Cord E2000 Connector
Type: E2000 Patch Cord
Data Rete: 10Gigabit
Connector Type: E2000
End Face:  UPC/PC/APC or others
Skin Material: PVC/LSZH/OFNR..

The E2000* connectors used are featured with spring-loaded shutters that open when engaged and close when disengaged protecting ferrules from dust and scratches. The connector's push-pull latching mechanism clicks when fully inserted.


In addition to basic testing, some mechanical and environmental tests per IEC or Telcordia are also performed periodically to guarantee the best quality. For standard patch cords, sampling check is performed on ferrule geometry to ensure high percentage of polished connectors meeting GR-326 requirements. For premium grade, ferrule geometry is tested on all patch cords to meet these requirements.


Other than standard single mode and multimode fibers, G655, OM2, and OM3 fibers are also available upon request. Flame retardant grade cable sheathing options are offered. Riser rated cable will be provided as standard. LSZH and Plenum can be provided upon request


*The E2000 connectors are manufactured under license of Diamond SA.



  1. Push-pull latching mechanism
  2. Protected by spring-loaded shutters
  3. Low insertion loss and high return loss
  4. Materials meet RoHS requirements
  5. Riser, Plenum, or LSZH cables
  1. Telecommunication
  2. Computer networks
  3. CATV networks
  4. Active device termination
  5. Instrumentation
Optical Performance Distribution
Insertion Loss, SM 9/125um PC
E2000 Insertion Loss, SM 9/125um PC
Insertion Loss, SM 9/125um APC
E2000 Insertion Loss, SM 9/125um APC
* Typical performance charts and actual data may vary from lot
Dimensional Drawing
E2000 Dimensional Drawing
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