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Patch Cord BICONIC connectors


Manufacturer: SOPTOBICONIC patch cord
Type: BICONIC Patch Cord
Data Rete: 10Gigabit
Connector Type: BICONIC
End Face:  UPC/PC/APC or others
Skin Material: PVC/LSZH/OFNR...


The BICONIC connectors used on our patch cords consist of cone-shaped polymer ferrules that help to align the fibers in connection interfaces. The ferrules incorporate the latest in precision molding technique to yield fractional dB loss. Their rugged design allows the BICONIC connectors to be used in military applications. Flame retardant grade cable sheathing options are offered. Riser rated cables will be provided as standard.  LSZH and Plenum can be provided upon request.



  1. Dual conical surfaces

  2. High quality Polymer ferrules

  3. Precision molding

  4. Riser, Plenum, and LSZH cables available



  1. LANs

  2. Data processing systems

  3. Medical instrument

  4. Remote sensing


Dimensional Drawing

BICONIC Patch Cord Dimensional Drawing


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