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Outdoor Splitter Distribution Box

The constant expansion of broadband networks and the resulting set up of fiber to the home (FTTH) infrastructures gives network providers an ever-increasing array of reasons to adopt powerful, modern planning, management and documentation systems. Raycap can plan the entire infrastructure, from backbone to building connections, for every possible variant of an FTTH network, while also providing hardware such as FTTH boxes, outdoor splitter/distribution boxes, patch panels, and fiber closures for use in FTTH projects. The company can also supply fiber optic cables, patch cords, pigtails and splitter management solutions for any FTTH installation.Fiber Optic Splitter Distribution Box is made of high impact plastic. It has industry standard user interface. Outdoor splitter distribution boxes are deployed in FTTH applications for connecting feeder and distribution cables through optical splitters.

SOPTO Fiber Splitter Distribution Box Features

  1. Splitter Type: Tube type splitter or other

  2. Splitter Installation Position: Splitter fixing bracket or other

  3. Adaptor Type: SC/LC/FC/others

  4. Accommodate: 1x8/1X16/1X32/1X64 PLC splitter

  5. Splice Tray Cores: 24F x5pcs or others

  6. Splice Tray Quantity: 5 pcs or others

  7. Cable: Drop cable, outdoor cable, standard indoor cable

  8. Anti-UV, Ultra violet resistant and rainfall resistant

  9. Wall and pole mountable

  10. Optimized bend radius protection to meet tight space requirements

  11. Easy mounting requiring minimal amount of tools for quick installation

  12. Aesthetically and ergonimically designed

  13. Optional inclusion of loaded fiber pigtails providing you with a one-stop solution

  14. Waterproof


Outdoor Splitter Distribution Box Application:

  1. Applicable in FTTH project

  2. Suitable for corridor, basement, room and building's outer walls application

  3. With the function of mechanical splice, fusion splice, light splitting, wiring distributions

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