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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver

NETGEAR Compatible Transceiver

NETGEAR Compatible Transceiver. NETGEAR is a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and Internet service providers. We supply 125G SFP optical modules, 1.25G GBIC optical modules, 10G XFP transceivers and 10G SFP+ modules to adapt the working environment of NETGEAR’s equipment. Of course, our products are fully in accordance with related standard and the price is lower than other manufacturers.
Product examples view:
Part Number: SPT-SFP+LR
Manufacturer: SOPTO
Package: SFP+
Wavelength: 1310nm
Data Rate: 10G
Distance: 10km/20km
Product Type: 10G SFP+ Transceiver Module
Operating Temperature: 0~70 °C
Application: NETGEAR switches, routers and others which have SFP+ interface
1.25G SFP SPT-P851G-S5 AGM731F SFP 850nm-1.25Gb/s-550M-LC
SPT-P131G-10 AGM732F SFP 1310nm-1.25Gb/s-10KM-LC
SPT-P151G-80 AGM733 SFP 1550nm-1.25Gb/s-70KM-LC
1.25G GBIC SPT-G851G-S5 AGM721F GBIC 850nm-1.25Gb/s-550M-SC
SPT-G131G-20 AGM722F GBIC 1310nm-1.25Gb/s-10KM-SC
SPT-GE-T1 AGM721 GBIC 1.25Gb/s-100M-RJ45
XFP SPT-XFP-SR AXM751 XFP 850nm-10.3Gb/s-300M-LC
SPT-XFP-LR AXM752   XFP 1310nm-10.3Gb/s-10KM-LC


Price advantage
Brand manufacturers generally adopt these strategy that they drop the unit price of switches very low; make the price of the optical module very high; give different consumers different discount.
After agents’ layers increases, to the final consumer hand, the price has risen several times and even ten times, even as the light module parts prices are higher than the exchange price, we use the manufacturers directly to end customers, eliminating the middle price link for you immediately save 10-80%.
Price: Request for quotation from customer services
Service advantage
Brand manufacturers mainly by sales, after sale service and technical support is limited, once appear quality problem or need technical support, agent limited processing capacity, and feedback to the manufacturers in all aspects of time, has been unable to meet the needs of customers. 
Our company has been in an effort to provide face-to-face technical support and after sale service for the customer, have professional technical support, dedicated customer service representative, completely solve your customer service concerns.