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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver


Planet Compatible Transceiver. The SFP modules we supply compatible with Planet’s equipment mainly include the 1.25G SFP modules and the 1.25G BIDI SFP modules. 
 For the transmission distance, our 1.25G SFP modules support 220m, 10km, 30km, 50km, 70km and 120km. And the 1.25G BIDI SFP modules support 10km, 20km and 40km. 
For the common application, these SFP modules are enough to meet customers’ demand. We will continuously improve our technology to produce more fiber optic products to meet more and more market demand. 
Product examples view:
Part Number: SPT-P151G-120
Manufacturer: SOPTO
Package: SFP
Wavelength: 1550nm
Data Rate: Gigabit
Distance: 120km
Product Type: Dual-fiber Gigabit SFP Transceiver Module
Operating Temperature: 0~70 °C
Application: Planet switches, routers and others which have SFP interface
Item SOPTO P/N Planet P/N Description
1.25G SFP SPT-PE-T1 MGB-GT SFP-Port 1000Base-T Module
SPT-P131G-10 MGB-LX SFP-Port 1000Base-LX mini-GBIC module - 10km
SPT-P851G-S5 MGB-SX SFP-Port 1000Base-SX mini-GBIC module - 220m
SPT-P131G-40 MGB-L30 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX mini-GBIC module - 30km
SPT-P151G-50 MGB-L50 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX mini-GBIC module - 50km
SPT-P151G-80 MGB-L70 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX mini-GBIC module - 70km
SPT-P151G-120 MGB-L120 SFP-Port 1000Base-LX mini-GBIC module - 120km
1.25G BIDI SFP SPT-PB351G-10 MGB-LA10 单纤双向1000Base-LX (WDM, TX:1310nm) mini-GBIC module-10km
SPT-PB531G-10 MGB-LB10 单纤双向1000Base-LX (WDM, TX:1550nm) mini-GBIC module-10km
SPT-PB351G-20 MGB-LA20 单纤双向1000Base-LX (WDM, TX:1310nm) mini-GBIC module-20km
SPT-PB531G-20 MGB-LB20 单纤双向1000Base-LX (WDM, TX:1550nm) mini-GBIC module-20km
SPT-PB351G-40 MGB-LA40 单纤双向1000Base-LX (WDM, TX:1310nm) mini-GBIC module-40km
SPT-PB531G-40 MGB-LB40 单纤双向1000Base-LX (WDM, TX:1550nm) mini-GBIC module-40km


Price advantage: brand manufacturers generally adopt these strategy that they drop the unit price of switches very low; make the price of the optical module very high; give different consumers different discount.
After agents’ layers increases, to the final consumer hand, the price has risen several times and even ten times, even as the light module parts prices are higher than the exchange price, we use the manufacturers directly to end customers, eliminating the middle price link for you immediately save 10-80%.
Price: Request for quotation from customer services