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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver


Linksys Compatible Transceiver. Although Linksys is famous for its broadband and wireless routers, it also produces Ethernet switches and VoIP and other products. Therefore, customers will need our compatible fiber optic transceivers to operate their Linksys products, because our fiber optic transceivers are better than other manufacturers’ optical modules. We have successfully cooperated with some enterprises. If you are interested in our fiber optic transceivers, please contact our online customer services. 
Part Number: SPT-P131G-10
Manufacturer: SOPTO
Package: SFP
Wavelength: 1310nm
Data Rate: 1.25G
Distance: 10km
Operating Temperature: 0~70 °C
Application: Linksys switches, routers and others which have SFP interface
Item SOPTO P/N Linksys P/N Description
1.25G SFP SPT-P851G-S5 MGBSX1 SFP MM 850nm-1.25Gb/s-550M-LC
SPT-PE-T1 MGBT1 SFP 1.25Gb/s-1000M-RJ45
SPT-P131G-10 MGBLH1 SFP SM 1310nm-1.25Gb/s-10KM-LC
100M SFP SPT-P1303-02 MFEFX1  SFP MM 1310nm-155Mb/s-2KM-LC
SPT-P1303-10 MFELX1 SFP SM 1310nm-155Mb/s-10KM-LC


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Brand manufacturers mainly by sales, after sale service and technical support is limited, once appear quality problem or need technical support, agent limited processing capacity, and feedback to the manufacturers in all aspects of time, has been unable to meet the needs of customers. 
Our company has been in an effort to provide face-to-face technical support and after sale service for the customer, have professional technical support, dedicated customer service representative, completely solve your customer service concerns.