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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver


DELL Compatible Transceiver. Maybe you haven’t heard about DELL produce switches, but the truth is they did. In the network exchange market, the main products of DELL are routers and switches. Therefore, it is necessary for us to produce high performance fiber optic transceivers which are compatible with DELL’s products. And these fiber optic transceivers we offer include SPT-PE-T1, SPT-P851G-S5 and SPT-P131G-10. 
Part Number: SPT-G851G-S5
Manufacturer: SOPTO
Package: GBIC
Wavelength: 850nm
Data Rate: 1G
Distance: 550m
Product Type: GE GBIC Transceiver Module
Operating Temperature: 0~70 °C
Application: DELL switches, routers and others which have GBIC interface
Item SOPTO P/N DELL P/N Description
1.25G SFP SPT-PE-T1 DELL 1000Base-T SFP 1000M-RJ45
SPT-P851G-S5 DELL 1000Base-SX SFP MM 850nm-1.25Gb/s-550M-LC
SPT-P131G-10 DELL 1000Base-LX SFP SM 1310nm-1.25Gb/s-10KM-LC


Excellent quality
All products of the company are based on industry standards, using high quality raw materials, strict control of the production processes, all products have been manufactured before the two tests, the product defective rate reduced to a minimum. 
The quality of the products and the brand manufacturer quality, like Cisco H3C brand manufacturers, such as no module factory of his own, are looking for we do OEM factory production, and then affix their own brand, brand manufacturers are generally one year warranty, and we launched the product warranty for three years, remove your using our any menace from the "rear".