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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver


SMC Compatible Transceiver. Maybe you are looking for the introduction of SMC or you are searching the fiber optical module compatible with SMC’s equipment. 
The first one we can’t help because we are not the SMC. 
For the second one, we feel proud to show you our 1.25G SFP, 10G XENPAK and 10G XFP optical module
Thanks for the high quality and low price, our optical modules are popular around the world. If you like our products, please let us know. 
Product examples view:
Part Number: SPT-XENPAK+ER 
Manufacturer: SOPTO
Package: XENPAK
Wavelength: 1550nm
Data Rate: 10G
Distance: 40km
Operating Temperature: 0~70 °C
Application: SMC switches, routers and others which have XENPAK interface



SOPTO P/N SMC P/N 产品描述                                                                
1.25G SFP SPT-P851G-S5 SMC1GSFP-SX SFP MM 850nm-1.25Gb/s-550M-LC
SPT-P131G-10 SMC1GSFP-LX  SFP SM 1310nm-1.25Gb/s-10KM-LC
SPT-P151G-80 SMC1GSFP-ZX  SFP SM 1550nm-1.25Gb/s-70KM-LC
10G XFP SPT-XFP-SR SMC10GXFP-SR XFP MM 850nm-10.3Gb/s-300M-LC
SPT-XFP-LR SMC10GXFP-LR XFP SM 1310nm-10.3Gb/s-10KM-LC)
SPT-XENPAK-LR SMC10GXEN-LR   XENPAK 10.31Gbps;10km;Dual SC;SMF;1310nm
SPT-XENPAK-ER SMC10GXEN-ER   XENPAK 10.31Gbps;40km;Dual SC;SMF;1550nm


Why choose us?
The professional manufacturers: our company is a research and development, production, sales as one of the fiber product providers, we have been to quality as the foundation stone, brand oriented, high quality and low price, face to face with characteristic service, and strive to create a one-stop provider of fiber products.