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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver

Insertion loss and return loss, Related Products, Application, Description

Insertion loss means due to components insert and produce load power loss in the transmission system. The load of power is different between the components insert and don’t insert. Then, the difference is the insertion loss.

Return loss also called reflection loss. It causes due to the resistance body can’t match.

Return loss incident that part of the power is reflected to the source, which is the parameters of signal reflection properties.

Many fiber optical products may involve insertion loss and return loss, such as, patch cords, adaptors, attenuators, etc. Sopto provides reliable patch cords, adaptors, and attenuators with low insertion loss and high back reflection loss. Sopto patch cords are widely applied in CATV, Active device termination, Telecommunication networks, Metro, Local area networks, Data processing networks, Test equipment, Premise installation, Wide area networks.


Products Pictures Insertion loss(dB) Return loss(dB)
General Patch Cords Typical Value 0.1dB
Max 0.3dB
Loopback Patch Cords  SM:1.2(Typical) 1.5(Max)
MM:0.2(Typical) 0.7(Max)
SM: <0.3
General Fiber Optic Adaptor PC ≤0.3
UPC ≤0.2
APC ≤0.3
PC ≤0.2
PC  ≥45
UPC ≥50
APC ≥60
PC ≥30
Hybrid Fiber Optic Adaptor SM PC ≤0.3
SM UPC ≤0.2
MM PC ≤0.3
MM UPC ≤0.2
SM PC  ≥45
SM UPC ≥50
MM PC ≥60
MM UPC ≥30
Variable Attenuator   UPC>55dB