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GEPON Technology

Some customers seems to be not so clear about the G/EPON technology, below are the details for your reference.

Using passive optical network (PON) access agreement with the platform for the transmission of ATM APON BPON/Ethernet technology, and the platform for transmission to GEPON EPON/general frame structure, and the platform for transmission GPON three types. GEPON/ EPON/is the Ethernet (and the potential link layer protocol) and passive optical network access, the best PON (physical) combined together can adapt IP data access method of business very well.

Because of the earliest EPON standards based on fast Ethernet, market 100M in many called EPON products are based on 100M PON Ethernet technology, distinguishes the original technology and products, general PON gigabit Ethernet technology based on GEPON called. Because 100M EPON has been gradually replaced by the GEPON gigabit, in this paper, we only introduce GEPON technology and products.

With the other than previous PON technology, GEPON technology is also used to more users, using the optical fiber network topology, voice and video data access all the business purpose. But with the ATM technology based on BPON/GEPON compared with APON in user access network transmission in the etheric frame, very suitable for IP business. In addition, due to current IP networks, general construction based on Ethernet technology is simple, the structure of components and cheap price, high performance GEPON makes more easily than other large-scale commercial PON technology. The various business based on IP and the rapid development of the next generation Internet IP fusion and the trend of GEPON can apply a broader and future development trend of network, and become the most important FTTH technology.

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