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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver

The importance to research the reliability and effect factor of the fused biconical Taper (FBT) Splitter

The FBT splitter is the passive components which is the most based and most widely used in the field of optical communication.
With the rapid development of the broadband optical communication network, FTTH project, especially the three network integration, the demand of FBT splitter is growing rapidly. And with the widely use of FBT splitter, the performance demand of FBT is higher and higher.
The performance includes optical performance parameters and the reliability to resist the harsh external environment.
There are many domestic manufacturers to produce the FBT splitter and the competition is very intense. Nowadays, the production process of FBT has been very mature, and the optical performance parameters are also easy to control. However, the reliability of many devices is not good. So, it is important to research the reliability and effected factor of the FBT splitter.

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