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Twinax Cable Application Twinax Cables are mainly used with PCI or PCI-E Card for the short distance interconnection in the server room.

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FTTH Drop Cable and 7m XFP AOC

What should you look for in rack or cabinet?


Selecting a rack/cabinet is like building the foundation of a house! Well, almost.


The rack/cabinet houses very important, valuable assets for your organization.


So what should I look for in rack/cabinet?

Outdoor Splitter Distribution Box
Outdoor Splitter Distribution Box

Here's some of the most common characteristics of a rack/cabinet to consider when selecting the right one:


  • Dimensions

  • Weight capacity

  • Mounting options

  • Cable management options

  • Power strip mounting

  • Availability from supplier


Additionally, here are a few more aspects to consider:


  • Should you choose a 2 post, 4 post open frame, a server cabinet, or a network cabinet - what's the difference between each of them?

  • How do you maximize the space in the room?

  • How do you implement a containment strategy with the racks you choose?

  • Does the rack/cabinet take into account cooling requirements, especially for core network equipment? 


Sopto is vendor neutral and we provide a number of 2 post, open frame, server, and network cabinets for our customers. In our experience installing, anchoring, and carrying out rack and stack projects, we know a rack is not just a rack. Racks are crucial for a successful build and smooth operation of any server room / data center / engineering lab.


For more information, please contact a Sopto representative by calling 86-755-36946668, or by sending an email to