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Universal SM Test Set Tool Kits SPT-500TS

1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver

Universal SM Test Set Tool Kits SPT-500TS

Universal SM Test Set Tool Kits SPT-500TS


Kit Includes
•Fiber Optic Stripper(CFS-2) •Sopto Single Mode 1310/1550nm Light Source
•Fiberoptickevlarcutter •Sopto Optical Power Meterw/Adapter
•Cabide Scribe Tool SPT-174A •Visual Fault Locator VFL-500
•Optical Fiber Jacket Stripper (SPT-109) •400x Deluxe Fiber Microscope HW-400XA
•Buffer tube stripper 45-162 •1.25mm adapter for 400x Microscope
•Round Cable Jacket Stripper SPT-315 •Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner
•Universal Conector Crimp Tool SPT-336J •Kim Wipes 280 piece/box
•Anaerobic Adhesive Hardener 20ml •Cleaning Swabs (100pcs)
•Anaerobic Primer 0.9oz •Pre-Moistened Alcohol Wipes
•Epoxy Application Syringe 3ml(10pcs) •250ml Alcohol dispensing bottle with locked
•5um Polish Film(10sheets) •Flexible piano wire(3pcs)
•1um Polish Film(10sheets) •Precision tweezer
•0.02umPolishFilm(10sheets) •3M Electrical Tape
•2.5mmUniversalPolishPuck •4Bit Screwdriver
•1.25mm LC/MU Polish Puck •Utility knife
•5.9"Rubber Polish Pad •Utility component box
•Glass Polish Plate •Black Marker
•Safety Glasses •Carrying Tool Case(430×330×135mm)


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