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Visual Fault Locators

Product Impression:

  1. Manufacturer: SOPTO

  2. Type: Handheld Optical Visual Fault Locator

  3. Wavelength Range: 650nm±20nm, others

  4. Auto Power Off: >1 m W, >10 m

  5. Wavelength Distance: 3-10Km

  6. Modulation Frequencies: 2Hz

  7. Connecting Adapter: 2.5mm Universal Adapter

  8. Fiber Type: Single-mode, Multi-mode

  9. Power Supply: AA 2 pcs Batteries

  10. Operating Temperature: -10°C~+50°C

  11. Storage Temperature: -20°C~+ 60 °C

  12. Dimensions: 160 x 75 x 32mm, others

  13. Weight: 200g, others

Performance Feature of Visual Fault Locators

  1. Indicator work

  2. Battery power display

  3. Optional auto-shutdown

  4. Robust design, Small size

  5. 2Hz glint or continuous output

  6. LCD display and optional backlight

  7. Highly brightness of 650m laser parts

  8. Accelerate the end-to-end fiber optic inspection

  9. Easily confirm the polarity and identify optical fiber


Applications of Visual Fault Locators

  1. Maintenance CATV

  2. Maintenance Telecom

  3. Optical fiber sensors

  4. Test Lab of Fiber Optic


Visual Fault Locator Introduction


Visual Fault Locator is a device which is able to locate the breakpoint, bending or cracking of the fiber glass. This small fiber optic equipment can locate the fault of OTDR dead zone and make fiber identification from one end to the other end.  The visual fault locator pen can locates fault up to 10km in fiber optic cable, with compact in size, light in weight, red laser output. It can identify fiber and locate the fault of single mode or multimode fiber in the fiber system of fiber network, LAN, FDDI, ATM.


ProductPocket Visual Fault Locator VFL-500Visual Fault Locator SPT-3105Visual Fault Locator VFL-350

Pocket Visual Fault Locator VFL-500

Visual Fault Locator  SPT-3105



Visual Fault Locator VFL-350