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FTTH Patch Cords

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FTTH drop patch cords have been widely applied in Fiber Optic  CATV, FTTH, FTTB, FTTP solutions; Geographic area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs); Fiber Optic telecommunication systems; Transmission Mode (ATM) and Fiber Optic Central source.


SOPTO can supply FTTH drop cable patch cords which are made from standard FTTH fiber optic cables. The FTTH drop cable patch cords are terminated with fiber optic connectors on both ends. It is really easy and convenient to operate in FTTH Buildings; you just need to push the connector to the Adapters.

SOPTO FTTH Patch Cord Main Info

  1. End Face Type: PC/APC/UPC/Plat Polish

  2. Connector Type: FC/SC/LC/ST/ MTRJ/ DIN/E2000

  3. Operating Wavelength: 850nm/1310nm/1550nm

  4. Length: 0.5m/1m/2m/3m/5m/7m/12m or customer specified

  5. Insertion loss: ≤0.3dB

  6. Return loss: ≥35dB

  7. Interchangeability: ≤0.2dB

  8. Repeatability: ≤0.2dB

  9. Insert-pull test: 100times, 0.3dB

  10. Fiber Diameters: 9/125µm SM; 62.5/125/µm, 50/125µm MM

  11. Fiber Type: SM, MM, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, duplex, simplex

  12. Material Feature: PVC/LSZH/OFNR/OFNP/Plenum

  13. Storage Temperature: -40~+85°C

  14. Operating Temperature: -25~+85°C

  15. Storage Humidity: 95%RH (Non-Packaging)

  16. Packing: Blister Box Packing

  17. Standard: ROHS

Performance Feature:

  1. High precision pins for fiber alignment

  2. UPC and APC available

  3. SM or MM, 1/2/4 more cores are available

  4. Cable type 0.9/2.0/3.0mm available

  5. Push/pull mating for quick installation

  6. High density and compact size

  7. Compliant with RoHS

  8. Lost cost

  9. High return loss

  10. Loss insertion loss

Applications of FTTH Patch Cord


  2. CATV

  3. Fiber Tester

  4. Communication Network

  5. Telecommunication Network

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