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Could plastic optical fiber use mechanical splicing?

Could plastic optical fiber use mechanical splicing?
The biggest obstacle of to achieve fiber to the home is the cost. At present, the cost of the optical communication device is greatly reduced than ever before, but also very conducive to the promotion of FTTH, but it is still difficult to truly large area of the home. It is also due to the cost of FTTH has not yet dropped to the common people, if plastic optical fiber is widely promoted, the cost of FTTH will significantly reduce, I ask whether there are suitable solution for plastic optical fiber mechanical splicing?

The main reasons that FTTH using glass fiber are two: 1. Central office and network cables are laid to the core of the glass substrate, the mode diameter of plastic optical fiber is different from glass fiber, which cannot be exchanged. 2, Due to the current level of plastic optical fiber, plastic optical fiber loss has not improved. Based on the above two points, the plastic fiber to the home is still a long way to go.

Plastic optical fiber is now mainly used in indoor appliances, speakers, etc., simple splicing, complete just using the knife, low-cost splicing.

On the issue of home costs, start with the FTTH project as well as the popularity of fast internet access, interactive online education, healthcare, intelligent home, Internet users’ demand for fiber to the home will show the base-fold increase, which will enable the formation of industry chain, and the price will continue to reduce. Just as our 90's, installing a telephone need to pay more than 5000 yuan, and even have to queue up, it is only ten years since then. So I believe that this day will not be long.

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