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External SFF-8088 Mini SAS Cables
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External SFF-8088 Mini SAS Cables

SOPTO External MiniSAS SFF-8088 Cable Model

Part NumberDescription
SFF8088 to SFF8088 External MiniSAS Cable
SPT-8088-C056G SFF-8088-8088 cable 0.5m AWG30
SPT-8088-C16G SFF-8088-8088 cable 1m AWG30
SPT-8088-C26G SFF-8088-8088 cable 2m AWG30
SPT-8088-C36G SFF-8088-8088 cable 3m AWG30
SPT-8088-C46G SFF-8088-8088 cable 4m AWG30
SPT-8088-C56G SFF-8088-8088 cable 5m AWG30
SPT-8088-C56G SFF-8088-8088 cable 5m AWG28
SPT-8088-C76G SFF-8088-8088 cable 7m AWG28
SPT-8088-C106G SFF-8088-8088 cable 10m AWG28
SPT-8088-C126G SFF-8088-8088 cable 12m AWG28
Other SFF-8088 External MiniSAS Cable
SPT-8088-4SFP-CX10G SFF-8088 to 4x 2.5G SFP Cable Xm AWG30
SPT-8088-8470-CX10G SFF-8088 to 10G CX4 (SFF-8470) Cable Xm AWG28
SPT-8088-8436-CXSFF-8088 to QSFP+ (SFF-8436) Cable Xm AWG24/28/30
We accept customized of length and AWG


Mini SAS is the next generation of the SAS standard. With its low profile connector and easy lock mechanism it save space and reduces costs with lower power usage.Mini-SAS cables support differential pair signaling with low-skew pairs and foil construction for maximum EMI/RFI rejection. Guaranteed performance at 3.0 Gigabits per second and 6.0 Gigabits per second. MiniSAS (SFF-8088) is a computer bus used to move data to and from computer storage devices such as hard drives and tape drives. SAS depends on a point-to-point serial protocol that replaces the parallel SCSI bus technology that first appeared in the mid 1980s in data centers and workstations, and it uses the standard SCSI command set. The T10 technical committee of the International Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) develops and maintains the SAS protocol; the SCSI Trade Association (SCSITA) promotes the technology.

SOPTO External Mini SAS cable (SFF-8088) features universal keyed SFF-8088 push to release connectors. Our External (SFF-8088) Mini SAS cables are built with your storage systems and servers needs in mind. This is why we offer a full range of standard and hard-to-find Mini SAS cables and Mini SAS Adapters.


MiniSAS (SFF-8088) (10G) to 4x SFP (2.5G) Splitter Cable

MiniSAS (SFF-8088) (10G) to 4x SFP (2.5G) Splitter Cable assemblies -- high-performance, cost-effective cabling interconnect solution for merging 10G MiniSAS (SFF-8088) and 2.5G SFP enabled host adapters, switches and servers. For typical applications, users can install this splitter cable between an available MiniSAS (SFF-8088) port on their 10-Gigabit/s rated switch and feed up to four upstream 2.5GbE-SFP enabled switches. Each MiniSAS (SFF-8088) (10G) to 4x SFP (2.5G) splitter cable features a single MiniSAS (SFF-8088) connector rated for 10-Gb/s on one end and (4) SFP connectors, each rated for 2.5-Gb/s, on the other.

CX4  to MiniSAS (SFF-8088) cables

CX4  to MiniSAS (SFF-8088) cables use cutting edge technology to provide an excellent hybrid cable solution for CX4/InfiniBand and MiniSAS rated switches, network adapters, and storage arrays. These cables have a MiniSAS connector on one end and a CX4 Connector on the opposite end. Each CX4-MiniSAS copper cable permits auto-negotiation between the two connected devices for optimal network throughput. Compatible with 4x Infiniband SDR/DDR and 10 GbE applications. 

QSFP+ (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable) to MIniSAS (SFF-8088) hybrid cables

QSFP+ (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable) to MIniSAS (SFF-8088) hybrid cables are designed for high-density Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) applications. These cables are used as an interconnect solution between newer QSFP+ Hardware and older external 3G and 6G Mini SAS equipment and provide data transfer rates up to 10Gbops per channel at distances of up to 10 meters. These cables are compliant to QSFP+ Multi-Source Agreement.

SOPTO External MiniSAS (SFF-8088) Cable Main Info

  1. Form Factor:
    SFF-8088 to SFF-8088, SFF-8008 to 4x SFP
    SFF-8088 to SFF-8470, SFF-8088 to SFF-8436

  2. Protocols Supported: InfiniBand, Ethernet, Fiber Channel

  3. Channel Data Rate: 6G, 10G

  4. Length: 0.5m/1m/2m/3m/4m/5m.... 

  5. Type: Copper Passive

  6. AWG: 24/28/30

  7. Storage Temperature: -20 to + 85ºC

  8. Operating Temperature: 
    Standard: 0~+70ºC;

  9. Supply Voltage: 3.3V

  10. Supply current: 230mA per end typical


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