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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver

Cisco compatible XENPAK transceivers Low power

Low power consumption 850nm 10G SR Cisco compatible XENPAK transceivers. Our 10G SR XENPAK transceiver is a multimode transceiver used in the 10G applications including Ethernet and Fiber channel.
This high performance Cisco compatible 10GBASE-SR XENPAK transceiver also can be used in Cisco switches and routers that support XENPAK transceivers. 
This transceiver is a fully integrated 10.3Gbit/s optical transceiver module that consists of an 850 nm wavelength optical transmitter and receiver, XAUI interface, Mux and Demux with clock and data recovery (CDR). 
It uses an 850 nm VCSEL laser diode to achieve a transmission distance of up to 300 m over 50/125 multi-mode fiber. 
It works at the standard temperature from 0 degrees to 70 degrees with 3.3V or 5V or adaptable power supply (APS: 1.2).