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1550nm 1G fiber optic transceiver

Importance of the Fiber Optic Network Switch, SAN storage architecture

The importance of the fiber optic network switch in SAN storage architecture. The fiber optic network switch is a kind of high-speed network transmission relay device. Compared with the common switch, the fiber optic network switch adopts the fiber optic cable as the transmission medium because the advantages of fibers are the high transmission speed and strong anti-interference. 
1 FX+4 TP Management Fiber Switch
In the SAN storage architecture, the fiber optic network switch is one of the core equipment, which plays a very important role in the SAN storage process and affects the performance of the network. The optical switch provides fibre channel switching function for the high-bandwidth and low-latency data communication.  
At present, the fiber optic network switches in the market are able to be applied in many different scenarios. They support the GPON/EPON/GE three models adaptive and meet the access needs of the different FTTx network. At the same time, these fiber optic network switches support SIP and H.248 two protocols, convenient to dock with the soft-switch.
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