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The European FTTH convert needs 92 years?

Recently, funded by the European FTTH Association, Ventura made the 66-page report on the development of the European FTTH announcement. The report is a detailed analysis of the EU27 countries (EU-27) fiber investment and the financial condition of the carrier. The report pointed out that the fiber optical technology replaces copper will become inevitable. The reason is that: First, users need ultra-fast broadband, and be able to accept the rate corresponding charges. The second is the access and operation cost of optical fiber is lower than copper in the long-term. Third, policy advocacy and encouragement, fiber access will bring an increase of 1.1% GDP directly, indirectly, an increase of 3.5%.

In fiber access, European operators are investing in fiber access at a certain degree. The number of users is also increasing, which has been developed from the beginning of the main gathering point to the high-end area, town, some of the villages and the new buildings, etc. But the fiber-optic broadband access speed is still slow.
The report pointed out that at the current rate, to achieve complete conversion of "fiber replaces copper" also need to spend time of 92 years, unless EU governments decided to forcefully change the the telecommunications regulatory approach and start a full range of fiber optic conversion scheme. The current speed is simply a snail's pace, it is a serious impediment of the long-term development of European economy. "