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Functions of EPON ONU, Application

The EPON ONU provides many functions for application. The SFP ONU, which integrates MAC function, can be applied in GPON system and EPON which supports DPoE standard.
The EPON, which is based on the DPoE OAM structure, supports the application of DOCSIC protocol. The DPoE architecture is able to upgrade the point to point CATV system to the EPON network. The EPON ONU, which supports 1.25G bi-directional transmission and integrates MAC function, supports the DPoE OAM and is in accordance with SFP package standard. The EPON ONU can be used to upgrade the system with the SFP interface on the customer terminal equipment.
The EPON ONU is also easy to be applied because it supports automatic detection and configuration that can be plugged and played.
In addition, this EPON ONU provides a variety of feature, including VLAN, ONU certification, IGMP Snooping protocol, traffic control, clock synchronization, rogue ONU detection and power-down instructions and so on. 
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