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Cisco lobbying costs amounted to $ 15 million in 15 years

Cisco began lobbying Congress since 1998 and by now it has lasting for 15 years, according to the statistics of the U.S. political contributions database ( cumulative amount is up to $ 15,725,200.China fiber optia devices manufactuers Huawei and ZTE investment funds for lobbying the U.S. Congress from 2005 intermittently, Huawei invested a total of $ 2,235,000, ZTE has invested $ 462,000, over the same period Cisco investment for $ 12,020,000, which is 5.3 times than that of Huawei,26 times of ZTE.

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Figure 1: Cisco lobbying the fee amounts Statistics (Source:

From figure 1, you can clearly see decade ago, Cisco the "Huawei Cisco IP litigation and the current Network security survey, invested a huge amount of funds to lobby in advance, thereby affecting the decisions of the legislative, judicial and other institutions.These lobby funds enables Cisco occupy the leadship of fiber optic transceivers in some extent.